Pinoy Big Brother 737 Beki Edition? Kenzo and Bailey "bromance" in the house!

Pinoy Big Brother 737, for many, is proving to be a "beki" edition.

For the record, only 1 "openly gay" Pinoy Big Brother housemate entered the house, and he is 14-year-old Cebuano housemate Ryan James Bacalla.

But after 3 days since Pinoy Big Brother house officially welcomed its 11 new housemates, it has become obvious that there are other housemates who have gay tendencies or those still in hiding, but it's getting obvious now that they're inside the house.

Some avid viewers of PBB believe that the 16-year-old housemate from Tabaco City, Albay - Thomas Franco Rodriguez - could also be gay, or maybe he's still confused about his orientation.

Maybe because of Franco now getting closer to Ryan inside the house, always talking to each other that people believe he's also like the latter (it doesn't follow though). But when I caught Franco and Ryan in the PBB livestream having a moment together (Ryan teaching Franco a dance), I think I understand why people are thinking that way...Franco is extra sweet to Ryan!

Screenshots courtesy of @RyanBacallaTeam, @xxTeamBARBIE

They make a good pair though. They got chemistry.

Also being suspected by netizens as gay or probably bisexual are 12-year-old Bailey May and 18-year-old Kenzo Gutierrez, who are also displaying some "bromance" in the house. (Read also: Kenzo Gutierrez is Julia Barretto's "ex")

courtesy of @MateoKarl

courtesy of @juicecoolored

courtesy of @nljrdefender

Kyle Secades meanwhile looks and talks like a gay. Is he also?

Well, I do believe that PBB didn't get Ryan as housemate for nothing. Shall we expect 1 or more housemates to come out like last edition's Fifth Pagotan?

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It's just Day 4 of Pinoy Big Brother 737, and it's turning out to be very exciting. Thanks to them! -

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