PBB 737 scandal intensifies as Kenzo now wants Bailey's "brief"

PBB 737 scandal continues to rock the Big Brother house, as gay pride is being celebrated around the world after the ruling by the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage.

Pinoy Big Brother tackled last night the much-talked about "Kenzo and Bailey Bromance", after those "sweet" photos of housemates Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey May inside the house became viral online a few days ago, stirring up gay rumors for the 2 and even had netizens forming #KenLey loveteam for them (coined after Kenzo and Bailey).

My blog post about it is already the most-viewed for the month of June (Read, if you haven't yet: Pinoy Big Brother Beki Edition? Bailey and Kenzo, Ryan and Franco "Bromance" in the house).

A video capture from the PBB 737 Live Stream showing Kenzo allegedly making "ninja moves" on Bailey while sleeping also became viral in social media networks the past few days.

They even consulted resident psychologist Dr Randy Dellosa who said last night that the "bromance" thing between Pinoy Big Brother housemates Kenzo Gutierrez and Bailey May are just normal, that it's just a deep friendship between 2 male housemates, who are both only sons, longing for a brotherly affection from each other

I'm actually glad that PBB addressed the controversy and explain the real story behind the KenLey viral photos, to avoid further malice and unfair judgment from the viewers.

But another incident is fueling this PBB 737 Scandal some more, after Kenzo was caught on the live stream in another "brotherly" moment with Bailey, but this time he's now asking for Bailey's briefs as souvenir. Housemate Kyle Secades was also with them in the video.

screen grab from Youtube

Bailey is one of the 2 nominees for eviction this week (the other one is Barbie Imperial), and it might worrying Kenzo a lot to the point that he now wants Bailey to give him his "brief" in case he gets evicted.

Watch it on the video below (Youtube upload courtesy of KENLEY PBB), and their conversation will really shock you and get you confused as to what kind of love really exists between the 2 housemates.

Kenzo: "Can I have a brief of yours?"
Bailey: "Yes."
Kenzo: "Nah, I'm just kidding."
Bailey: "Yes, you can."
Kenzo: "Yeah?"
Bailey: "Yeah."
Kenzo: "No?"
Bailey: "I'll put it in a glass box"
Kenzo: "Ahahaa"
Bailey: "I'll give you the stained ones.
Kenzo: "What?"
Bailey: "The stained ones."
Kenzo: "What??"
Bailey: "The stained briefs."

It's puzzling me why Kenzo is asking for that thing, of all the other things Bailey could give to him. Even if it was a joke, still, why make a joke about that one???? - Mykiru.ph

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