NBA Finals 2015 Game 6 Results: Warriors vs Cavs for the Championship

NBA Finals 2015 Live Game 6 Score & Results: Golden State Warriors defeat Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 6, 105-97, to become 2015 NBA Champions! Andre Iguodala is Finals MVP. READ on for my live updates of the game. Scroll down please...

TWO THINGS: In this NBA Finals 2015 Game 6, airing now on ABC in the US and ABS-CBN in the Philippines, the Golden State Warriors (GSW), with series lead 3-2, are looking to finish off the Cleveland Cavaliers (CLE) and win the championship, while the Cavaliers will try to re-establish themselves as the "hotter team" and force a Game 7.

WHAT I WANT TO HAPPEN: Cavs beat Warriors in Game to force Game 7.

WHAT IFS? If the Golden State Warriors become NBA Finals 2015 Champions, it will be their first in 4 decades, and most likely, the Season Most Valuable Player Steph Curry could also be the Finals MVP. But is it also possible that LeBron James (who's incredibly awesome in the whole of NBA Finals 2015: 2 triple-doubles, 2 almost) will get the MVP crown even if he's from the losing team? I happened only once in NBA history (Jerry West in 1969).

From Game 1 to 5, Steph Curry averages 26.2 points, 5.0 rebounds, 6.0 assists, whereas LeBron is averaging 36.6 pts, 12.4 rebs, 8.8 assts.


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*1st Quarter*

At 8:53, Good start for the Cavs. 2-7
At 7:50, GSW is closing the gap. 6-7
At end of 1st Quarter: Warriors in huge lead. 13 pts! 28-15 (GSW's Steph Curry already has 9 pts, Andre Iguodala has 7)

*2nd Quarter*

At 9:36, LeBron only on his 2nd assist: James Jones shoots. 31-24
At 7:33, LeBron now with 9 points. Deficit now just 6. 32-26
At 4:37, Warriors lead back to 8. 39-31. Iguodala now with 10. He's first to reach double figures in Game 6.
At 4:07, Timofey Mozgov hits 2 freethrows. 39-33
At 3:12, LeBron, Curry now also with a double-digit (both with 11 pts). 43-35
At 0:08, 15 points now for LeBron. A dunk by Tristan Thompson (now with 11 pts). They're now just 2 points behind.

What a 2nd Quarter for the Cavs! At halftime, 45-43.

*3rd Quarter*
At 10:54, CLE now on the lead by 4, after 2 baskets from Mozgov and Thompson. 45-47
At 8:50, Harrison Barnes (3 pts!), Iguodala (2 pts) and Dreymond Green (3 pts!) recover the lead for the Warriors. 58-47
At 7:36, Curry makes a free throw. 54-47. Curry, Iguodala and Green all having 12 pts each.
At 6:54, LeBron James layup, now close to the 20s (19 pts). 56-51
At 5:12, Iguodala and Shaun Livingston are doing the job. GSW's lead back to 2 digits! 61-51
At 2:43, LeBron James now with 21 points. 69-57

End of 3rd Qrtr: 73-61. MVP contenders after the 3rd Quarter: LeBron 22-13-5, Andre 17-3-5, Curry 12-3-6

*4th Quarter taking place now*
At 10:51, LeBron drives for a layup (now 24pts-15rebs). 75-64
At 10:27, Mozgov FTs. 75-66
At 10:13, Dunk by LeBron. 75-68.
At 7:26, 14-pts lead by GSW. 86-75. Iguodala, Curry in MVP level, now with 20 and 17 pts respectively. Green now has a double-double: 12-10.
At 6:22, Shumpert free throws. 89-77
At 5:46, LeBron close to the 30s. 28 pts! 92-79. But the Warriors are still in control. Iguodala now with 23 pts.
At 4:00, LeBron now with 30. 94-83
At 1:54, the Warriors are giving the Cavs a tough time, now less than 2-minutes away from being crowned the champions. 98-85. Curry now has 20pts. Almost a triple-double now for LeBron: 30-17-8.
At 0:37, JR Smith hits 2 successive 3s, plus a layup from LeBron. 100-94. Is it too late?

At 0:33, Another 3 from Smith. Wow! 101-97.

At 0:29. 2 FTs for Curry. 103-97.

Iguodala sealed it for Warriors. 105-97. GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS ARE 2015 NBA CHAMPIONS! Congratulations!

28-15, 45-43, 73-61, 105-97

POINTS SCORED BY GSW PER QUARTER: 28 pts, 17 pts, 28 pts, 32 pts

POINTS SCORED BY CLE PER QUARTER: 15 pts, 28 pts, 18 pts, 36 pts

Stephen Curry - 25 pts
Andre Iguodala - 25 pts
Draymond Green - 16 pts (He made a triple-double: 16-11-10)
Shaun Livingston - 10 pts
Festus Ezeli - 10 pts
Harrison Barnes - 9 pts
Leandro Barbosa - 5 pts
Klay Thompson - 5 pts

LeBron James - 32 pts (almost a triple-double: 32-18-9)
J.R. Smith - 19 pts
Timofey Mozgov - 17 pts
Tristan Thompson - 15 pts
Iman Shumpert - 8 pts
James Jones - 5 pts
Matthew Dellavedova - 1 pt

Game 1 at GSW: Warriors def. Cavs, 108-100 OT (Top Scorers: LeBron - 44pts, Curry - 26pts, Kyrie Irving - 23pts)
Game 2 at GSW: Cavs def. Warriors, 95-95 OT (Top Scorers: LeBron - 39pts, K. Thompson - 34pts, Curry - 19pts)
Game 4 at CLE: Cavs def. Warriors, 96-91 (Top Scorers: LeBron - 40pts, Curry - 27pts, Delly - 20pts)
Game 4 at CLE: Warriors def. Cavs, 103-82 (Top Scorers: Mozgov - 28pts, Curry - 22pts, Iguodala - 22pts)
Game 5 at GSW: Warriors def. Cavs, 101-94. (Top Scorers: LeBron - 40pts, Curry 37pts, T. Thompson 19pts)
Game 6 at CLE: Warriors def. Cavs, 107-97. (Top Scorers: LeBron - 32pts, Curry - 25pts Iguodala - 25pts)

'Til next year...2016 NBA! -

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