Pinoy Big Brother 737 1st Nomination Night Results

Pinoy Big Brother 737 1st Nomination Night, June 27, 2015 - the nominees are revealed! Are your favorite housemates SAFE, or are they NOMINATED for eviction? Read on to find out who among the eleven (11) PBB 737 housemates will be up for eviction and will be needing your votes!

Before the nomination announcement, I predicted that the nominees could be teen mama Kamille Filoteo, Albayana Barbie Imperial, rapper Jimboy Martin, 12-year-old Fil-Brit Bailey May and even gay housemate Ryan Bacalla.

It's just my prediction, and it doesn't necessarily mean I don't like them okay?????

I actually love these 5 housemates with different type of personalities.

As revealed by host Toni Gonzaga, the nominees are:

Here's how the housemates nominated against each other:

ryan - 2 pts bailey, 1 pt barbie
bailey - 2 ylona, 1 zonia
ailah - 2 kamille, 1 barbie
jimboy - 2 barbie, 1 kyle
kamille - 2 barbie, 1 bailey
barbie - 2 kamille, 1 kenzo
kenzo - 2 barbie, 1 ylona
ylona - 2 barbie, 1 bailey
kyle - 2 barbie, 1 ailah
zonia - 2 barbie, 1 ailah
franco - 2 kenzo, 1 ailah

NONINATIONS TALLY: Barbie - 14 pts (nominated), Bailey - 4 pts (nominated), Kamille - 4 pts (nominated), Ylona - 3 pts, Kenzo - 2 pts, Ailah - 3 pts, Zonia - 1 pt, Kyle - 1 pt

Only 3 housemates didn't get a single nomination: Ryan, Franco and Jimboy.

One among Barbie, Bailey and Kamille could save himself or herself from being an official nominee if he or she wins the LIGTASK challenge to be given by Big Brother. And it's Kamille!!!

The official nominees are only Barbie and Bailey. And based on our popularity poll, it's Barbie who could possibly get evicted.

To vote, just type BB and send it to 2366. -

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