PBB 2015 Housemates: Popularity Poll

Pinoy Big Brother 2015 (PBB 737) has officially kicked off, and the 7 teen housemates who were introduced from Monday 'til Friday as well as the 4 others on ASAP 20 today have already entered the house.

At the start of the PBB 737 pilot telecast Saturday night, June 20, 2015, the meaning of the first number in the "737" attached to Pinoy Big Brother this 10th Season was revealed: it means 7 weeks!

According to host Toni Gonzaga, the teen housemates will only stay inside the house for 7 weeks. Whew! That's kinda short, but let's find out on the coming weeks what the other numbers (3 and 7) mean.

Meanwhile, I've already started this "popularity poll" for Pinoy Big Brother 737 housemates, a tradition on this blog in every edition of PBB. Cast your votes now!

Already listed there as choices in the poll are the 7 teen housemates introduced from June 15 to 19, and the other 4 official housemates officially revealed on Sunday, June 21.

Ailah Antopina, Barbie Imperial, Kamille Filoteo

Bailey May, Jimboy Martin, Kenzo Gutierrez, Ryan Bacalla

Franco Rodriguez, Kyle Secades, Ylona Garcia and Zonia Mejia

Vote for as many housemates as you can, those you consider as your "favorite". (You can vote just once within a week.)

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