Taiwan Plane Crash 2015: Video catches plane crash

The Taiwan Plane Crash today, February 4, 2015, involving TransAsia Flight GE235 was captured on video. The plane, which was carrying 53 passengers and 5 crew, hit a bridge first before crash into a river in Taipei, Taiwan just 3 minutes after takeoff, CNN has reported.

Taiwan Plane Crash 2015
Image capture of the TransAsia plane right before crashing into a river in Taiwan (credits to @missxoxo168)

I saw the video of the crash in a Youtube upload by Eduardo Woo entitled "Dashcam footage captures Taiwan plane crash" and I find it 's horrifying knowing the plane had over 50

The video was captured by a dashcam from a passing vehicle and it was also shown in the newscast by CNN.

As of this posting, 31 passengers have been confirmed dead by TransAsia Airways in its Facebook Page. 15 were able to survive, including a baby, while 12 are still missing.

It's already the 2nd plane crash in Taiwan involving TransAsia Airways within 7 months. Just last July, 48 died from the crash of TransAsia Flight GE222. - Mykiru.ph

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