The Voice of the Philippines 2 Results: Bamboo shocks again

The Voice Philippines Season 2 just had its most shocking results so far.

My predictions for last night's The Voice Philippines Season 2 2nd Live Show Results Night were a disaster. I only got 2 correct guesses: that Douglas Dagal will be eliminated from Team Sarah Geronimo, and that Tanya Diaz will top the voting for Team Bamboo.

The Voice of the Philippines Season 2 February 1 results

Totally unpredictable results. Never imagined that Miro Valera will rule the voting for Team Lea over Casper Blancaflor and Timmy Pavino, and that Rence Rapanot will be advancing to the next round. Miro and Rence were the weakest performers during Saturday's
Performance Night, but the public saved Miro, with 44.49% of the votes, while Rence was saved by Coach Bamboo over the more deserving Arnee Hidalgo.

Where did those votes for Miro come from? The former Stonefree vocalist has much lesser followers in social media than Casper and
Timmy. His performance videos are also among the least-viewed in Youtube. Perhaps, he's got silent supporters, or fans of other teams voted for him to make sure Casper or Timmy, who are serious threats, will be out of 'The Voice'.

Choosing between Casper and Timmy was really hard for Team Lea, but I completely understand why she picked Timmy, since Casper is just her stolen artist, and Timmy didn't give a weak performance after all the night before. But it would have been more favorable if Miro wasn't the one who topped the voting and he instead was the one who got eliminated.

Team Bamboo's result was also shocking. Rence Rapanot was shockingly saved by Coach Bamboo over Arnee Hidalgo, after Tanya Diaz topped the votes, with a big 49.8%. I'd like to be convinced that he chose Rence, because Arnee was just his stolen artist and he doesn't want an all-female team. But performance-wise, he should have easily picked Arnee and let go of Rence, who gave the most boring and vocally unimpressive performance last Saturday.

It was another controversial decision by Coach Bamboo this season. He already drew a lot of flak previously for choosing Kai Honasan over Elmerjun Hilario during the Knockouts and for saving Rita Martinez instead of Karlo Mojica during last week's Live Shows.

Results for Team Apl on one hand were also surprising, but just a little. Mackie Cao was saved by public votes, with 42.38%, and Coach
Apl surprisingly saved Alisah Bonaobra over Bradley Holmes.

The most favorable results were for Team Sarah. Kokoi Baldo was the viewers' choice with 46.81%, Jason Dy was Coach Sarah's choice and Douglas Dagal was eliminated.

16 artists (4 each team) remain after last night. Team Apl still has Daryl Ong, stolen artist Suy Galvez, Mackie Cao and Alisah Bonaobra.

Looks like Team Sarah is the team to beat, with artists who are all fan favorites - Monique Lualhati, stolen artist Jason Fernandez, Kokoi Baldo and Jason Dy, while Team Lea's remaining artists are Leah Patricio, Nino Alejandro, Miro Valera and Timmy Pavino.

Sadly, Kamp Kawayan becomes the weakest team at this point. Making up this team are Kai Honasan, Rita Martinez, Tanya Diaz and Rence Rapanot. -

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