Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla as Albay tourism ambassadors?

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, stars of the film "Crazy Beautiful You" opening Feb 25, are the ones featured in a photo with the hashtag that aims to promote the Province of Albay.

Their photo taken last year when they shot scenes in the province for their box-office hit 'She's Dating The Gangster' is being used in the Albay tourism campaign "I Am Here To Promote Albay" or #IAmHereToPromoteAlbay, the hashtag which Albay Governor started online last Friday following the controversy in which he's claiming Xian Lim said "I am not here to promote Albay" during the latter's visit there last Thursday.

Xian Lim has been forgiven already, but under so many conditions, and Governor Salceda is indeed bent on continuing the hashtag campaign "#IAmHereToPromoteAlbay", just like this photo of KathNiel with the hashtag on it:
Even though the picture says so, I'm pretty sure Daniel and Kathryn weren't there in Albay last year to promote the province, but to shoot scenes for their movie.

Did Gov. Salceda ask permission from KathNiel to use them for that hashtag campaign? Or are they officially the Tourism Ambassadors of Albay? Knowing how KathNiel fanatic Gov. Salceda is, I think ABS-CBN Star Magic won't mind if the Governor will use their prized loveteam in that campaign, whether FOR FREE or not.

But I really do hope that Gov. Salceda will have his official tourism ambassador, so that no more celebrities, like Xian Lim, will get into controversy with them just because of tourism promotion. The 53-year-old 3-term Governor has long been wanting Daniel Padilla to be Albay's ambassador of Tourism. He even called Daniel as the male Nora Aunor and the Justin Bieber of Asia.
The Governor has also been very vocal about being a KathNiel fanatic, to the point of posting an offensive remark against another loveteam, the JaDine, last October.

Aside from KathNiel, Hollywood celebrity Zac Efron is also being used in their "#IAmHereToPromote" campaign, featuring a photo of him during his Albay visit in 2012.

I really do hope that they will stop using that hashtag campaign. Why?
Because it now seems obligatory for their visitors to promote the province. "I Love Albay" is still more effective I guess. Tourists go to a place, to explore, experience, and naturally love it, and not to be asked to promote. A very satisfied tourist would be very willing to promote a place he or she has been to, without even told to do so. - Mykiru.ph

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  1. This Governor is such a big USER!!!nakakapanginig ng laman talaga... after nya siraan si Xian at ang magulang nito gusto nyang ipromote ni Xian ang Albay? ...oh man.. where is the logic in this?nasisiraan na tlga ng ulo ang gobernador na ito!un pala tlga ang inaasam nya ang ipromote ni Xian ang lugar nya such a bitch public official!so unbecoming of a conduct of one who is in public office ?if I were Xian I wouldn't give in to his conditions in the 1st place how can I promote a place who is being run by this kind of a leader?! BULLY syang tao!using his power to get a person to do what he wants ...trabaho nya ito setting a good example is one way of promoting his place pero sya mismo ang sumisira sa Albay ... 2nd hand info. lng nakarating sa kanya sinabi raw ni Xian na ganito ganyan and he believed it right away w/o clarifying things... is that the attitude of a good leader taking only one side of the story?and immediately made his judgment and worse in social media... alam nya napakasikat ni Xian and has massive followers so free publicity for him also mapapansin sya talaga kc tatakbo sa higher position for sure yan in the next election for senator... we can vote here abroad in the middle east we are nurses at marami kami rito nagkakaisa not to vote for him!he is a disgrace in Phil.government... dapat linisin talaga ang pulitika sa gobyerno natin at isa na yan sa dapat walisin...