Liza Soberano & Enrique Gil have a new rival - the BangLi!

A new loveteam is born in 'Forevermore' - BANGLI! Have we got a rival to the LizQuen loveteam?

"This is love!" says the character of Nonong Bangkay, or now more popularly known as Mang Banky or Bangky, in the hit TV series 'Forevermore' earlier, after meeting Aling Aunor for the first time and got struck by the Cupid's arrow.

Bangky: "May I have the pleasure to know your name?"
Aunor: "It's Aunor."
Bangky: "Oh, it's an honor to meet you."
(Then. Bangky kissed her hand.)

Love at first sight? Believe it or not. Yes, it has just happened to Mang Bangky in 'Forevermore'. The English-speaking character got struck by the "amazing beauty" of Aunor, portrayed by Lilia Cuntapay, on the first time he met her. They're so meant to be, as Aunor also speaks in English most of the time.

Bangky and Lilia Cuntapay BANGLI loveteam in Forevermore
Bangky and Lilia Cuntapay in a scene from 'Forevermore' (screenshot by

The longtime single Bangky is indeed ready to move on, made "the moves" and already had his first date with Aunor.

Bangky: "I'm just a boy standing in front of a girl, asking her to love him."
Aunor: "Sorry, but I have a very expensive taste."
Bangky: "It's okay. Katatapos lang ng ani. I have many money."
Aunor: "I'm not yet ready."
Bangky: "But we're not getting any younger."

Cuntapay is the latest addition to the cast of 'Forevermore', whose storyline has fast-tracked 2 years after Xander (Enrique Gil) left Agnes (Liza Soberano) for London to be with Kate (Sofia Andres).

The XaGnes loveteam has been put on hold for now, but new loveteams are making up for it - Papang (Joey Marquez) and Mirasol (Irma Adlawan) are officially a couple, and that very amusing Bang-Li loveteam of Mang Bangky and Lilia Cuntapay.

Kudos to the writers of 'Forevermore' for the brilliant idea of making a sub-plot for Manong Bangky and Nanay Lilia, who were both fixtures (in bit roles) of many Pinoy horror and comedy films.

Aside from Cuntapay, more additions are expected in this new chapter of the show, such as Agnes' mother (Almira Muhlach?), new love interest for her (Diego Montano) and Alex's former wife, Julius' sister (Pinky Amador?).

'Forevermore' is airing weeknights on ABS-CBN after 'Dream Dad'. Can't wait for next week's episodes. No teaser was shown earlier. Whyyy?!? -

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