Xian Lim forgiven by Gov Salceda, but under SO MANY conditions

Xian Lim vs Albay Governor Joey Salceda issue generated much heated discussions online the past 3 days among Xian fans, Salceda supporters and even those who simply just want to mess up with them. (You might want to join the discussion here => Xian Lim reacts to Albay Gov Joey Salceda's shocking FB rant against him)

From a simple refusal by Xian to wear an Albay T-shirt (because of his clothing endorsement), it has become one hell of a big controversy involving Governor Salceda, his Chief-of-staff Caroline Sabio-Cruz and the people of Albay as they joined forces against Xian, attacking him "personally" may it be on TV, radio, print and the worst, in social media.

But luckily, Xian Lim has a very solid fans who never gave up supporting and defending the actor against the obviously unfair judgment by the Governor and his people, the harsh criticisms, the personal attacks and the wrongful accusations. ("We Support XianLim" was trending on Twitter for 3 days.)

To sum it up, Xian Lim had seemingly suffered much bullying and major character assassination online, following his visit to Albay.

On 'The Buzz' yesterday, both sides were heard. Atty. Cruz said she was just trying to show some hospitality to Xian Lim, but the latter allegedly showed "bastos" behavior towards her.

Xian negated that, and said he didn't come to Albay to show rude behaviour "Pumunta po ako ng Albay para magpasaya ng tao, at hindi para mambastos," he, who was about to cry, told Buzz host Boy Abunda, adding that his mother Mary Anne Cruz-Lim (yeah she's also a Cruz just like Atty. Carol Sabio-Cruz), who raised him as a single mom, taught him to be respectful to everyone.

Nonetheless, Xian apologized again for whatever he has done that may have hurt Gov. Salceda and
his people.

Governor Salceda, who was actually not there during the T-shirt refusal but the one who started to kinda sensationalize the issue and provoke his followers to bash Xian when he posted it in Facebook, was also interviewed by The Buzz. And after saying on FB last Friday that no forgiveness is deserved, Salceda finally accepted Xian Lim's apology, but under the condition that he will help promote Albay tourism.

"In the spirit of Lent and the season of Christ, and on behalf of the people of Albay, I accept his apology. After repentance is penance. Bilang penance nya, talagang ang nasaktan nya ay Albay tourism eh, kaya tourism din ng Albay ang dapat tulungan nya," he said.

Watch 'The Buzz' interview with them on this video:

Well well well. It has become obvious now what they really want from Xian Lim after starting the whole controversy and putting him in much humiliation: they want Xian to promote Albay.

I have just read at PEP that he has so many conditions for Xian, things Xian must do to be accepted in Albay again.

“Mag-Amazing Race siya sa Albay. Magsimula siya sa Polangui hanggang sa huli, umakyat siya sa Mayon at magpa-picture na giniginaw siya,” Governor Salceda told PEP.

And his ever "reliable" chief-of-staff Atty. Carol Cruz gave PEP the list of the other conditions that Xian must do, after he was forgiven by the Governor:

1. Visit Lake Danao in Polangui to appreciate the smallest fish, sinarapan.
2. Visit Oas Church, take a picture with the baptistry.
3. Visit the Gen. Simeon Ola Museum, in Guinobatan, Albay.
4. Visit the sunflower plants and Kawakawa hills, Ligao City.
5. Take picture in Cagsawa ruins.
6. Do the ATV in Mayon walls.
7. Visit the church on the hills, in Nuestro Porteria, Daraga.
8. Eat the sili ice cream.
9. Visit Lignon Hills overlooking the whole Albay.
10. Visit the Mayon rest house in Tabaco City.
11. Take picture of Vera falls and do the river tubing in Malinao.
12. Eat DJC halo halo and pray in Nuestra Senora de Salvaciob in Tiwi.

Tsk tsk tsk. They're too much. For enumerating those, they obviously want nothing but promotion for Albay.

In one of his most recent FB updates, Gov. Salceda, who many netizens believe might run for Senator in 2016, said that he already deleted comments against Xian Lim on Facebook in the spirit of forgiveness. It's unclear though which comments he's referring to. - Mykiru.ph

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