Xian Lim reacts to Albay Gov. Joey Salceda's shocking FB rant against him

Xian Lim becomes the subject of Albay Governor Joey Salceda's latest Facebook rant, after the actor visited Albay Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015, for the "Fiesta Tsinoy", an event celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Gov. Salceda, who once posted an FB status expressing dislike toward the JaDine loveteam, while also expressing extreme support for the KathNiel loveteam, made another shocking status last night, this time against the popular leading man and sought-after endorser Xian Lim.

According to the governor, Xian allegedly refused to accept a coffee table book about Albay and was heard by many saying 'I'm not here to promote Albay'. Gov. Salceda even went on to rant that they did not pay Xian P350,000 just to experience his "monstrosity". It seemed like an "Anti-Xian Lim" post because he also made personal attack when he dragged Xian's parents into the issue, stating that they might not have raised Xian well, and he questioned his character, educational background and the Star Magic management.

Joey Sarte Salceda: "Xian Lim says in my face (Atty Carol) while handing the coffee table book in front of many - 'I'm not here to promote albay'." If his road manager checks his record, Albay paid for his many guestings since way back 2011 when his talent fee was just P75.000 (Ginoo ni Magayon) and now P350,000 for Fiesta Tsinoy Albay. Its either 1. His parents did not raise him well. 2. He had bad education. 3. He is not managed well. 4. His character is inversely proportional to his looks. 5. He is on something."

Joey Sarte Salceda: "Reminder: Albay paid 350t. And we did not pay 350t just to make us feel bad."

Joey Sarte Salceda: "My CoS Atty Carol Sabio was the beneficiary of Xian Lim's monstrosity upon arrival. And her comment posted kanina pa hapon yun sa Chatroom pero inantay nmin matapos ang program kanina gabi 8pm"

Xian Lim quickly reacted to the issue before it heats up some more. His statement on Twitter says that he was given an Albay coffee table book and was asked to wear a t-shirt, but he politely refused because it might be in conflict with his clothing endorsement (which is MINT). He denies saying 'I'm not here to promote Albay', which according to Gov. Salceda was what Xian said to his Chief-of-Staff, Atty. Caroline Cruz.

Xian further defended himself, saying that his parents raised him to be respectful and generous, and that he is so willing to wear the Albay shirt online and on TV if everything has been cleared with his clothing endorsement.

Did Albay Governor Joey Salceda become too judgmental and critical on Xian? Or perhaps he's just used to being dissatisfied with things and people other than KathNiel?

It can be recalled that last October, he was heavily criticized in social media for posting this statement against James Reid and Nadine Lustre after they visited Legazpi City in Albay.

Governor's defense to his offensive remark then was that it was his own Facebook wall and it was his choice to say those things.

Apparently, it could also be the reasoning behind his latest "dissatisfaction", against Xian Lim.

It's kinda saddening that the Chinese New Year event there was supposed to be a celebration, to celebrate the Chinese New Year with only good vibes, but here he is, the Governor posting negative things (an Anti-Xian Lim post?) in his Facebook account. Sad. - Mykiru.ph

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  1. grabe naman si gob lies and damaging his personal image.

  2. Unbecoming of a government official...grabe shame on this Gov.Salceda ...dapat nagshowbiz na lng sya... bastos talaga even sa Jadine pala binastos din nya noon... how can u respect such a disrespectful person ...he should be a role model to his constituents and not maligning others...Xian is just being careful and sya naman ang mananagot if ever... pati magulang nya dinamay pa nitong napakabastos na opisyal na ito ng gobyerno...dapat d na yan iboto yang ganyang pag-uugali nakakahiya na nakaupo sa gobyerno!!!

  3. This governor brought shame to bicol..a government official worthy of public trust will never post selfish and childish comment on any social media..why not discuss a sensitive issue like this privately with the concerned person..why must he need to broadcast it and invent lies to put down someone? What is he really up to ?does he think he can gain public trust by destroying other's reputation?what kind of a leader is he?he should not be appointed to any position for he is unbecoming and he doesn't serve as a good example to people both young and old..people should boycott this kind of TRAPO..enough of this traditional politicians..

  4. Eh hindi naman clothing line yung pinapasuot sa kanya. It's just a fucking statement to a festival where he is one of the guest. Pano magkaka conflict yan sa clothing line na ini-endorse nya? Bakit brand ba yung "I love Albay" na shirt? baka nga gawa lang sa Novo or Lifeline yung shirt na yun eh. Maarte lang kasi talaga tong hugis isda na to na GGSS sa sarili.

  5. ? percentage na mahal sya ng taga Albay????? Ang professionall hindi pumapatol ng ganyan sa social media. He could have done something to settle the issue as the head of a province, instead of ranting in the media. Anong tawag mo sa ginawa nya n terms of "ugali" - is it professional? Anyway, let's try to look at the closet , baka "mas mabaho" pa ang ugali mo.

  6. Dami pala pera ng govt. of Albay to spend such amount to entertain the public that will not benefit the people. Kumuha ka na lang kaya ng local entertainers ng Albay para masabi mo na proud ka from your baluarte, nstead of paying such amount and if someone doesn't like what she wants to happen - gets insulted in the media...an action not worthy of a person to be called a leader. Now people have an idea what kind of a person you are, dahil ginawa mo rin ito sa isang loveteam na pumunta sa lugar nyo. They opted to keep quite and remained bullied. Did you see the picture of your "chief" na binastos daw? Abot-tenga ang ngiti. Pag ako ang binastos, you won't see my face smiling to that person. O di kaya, sya na lang ang nag promote ng Albay because she maintained that sweet smile despite the rude act.....it's like sinampal ka yet u opted to smile.

  7. the governor should not be too easy to judge xian indi niya xa kilala, that remark kun totoo man does not define xian as a person para atakehin niya ng personal at idamay parents niya and insinuate that his into something. indi yan dapat gawain ng edukadong politician ang mg rant sa FB. pwede naman ka usapin nalng diba at ayusin ng ma ayos, xa ang government official and he should lead by example, dapat for peace xa and not create war.

    taga albay ako and alam ko may mga nagawa din xa para sa albay at matalas talaga dila niya at may pagka taklesa, indi lang talag ako agree sa pg handle niya sa situation na ito. Ginagamit ang position niya para mang bully.

  8. ikaw kaya ang mag suot ng Tshirt nyo compared to the shirt Xian was wearing - or i compare mo ang hitsura ni Xian wearing your shirt and the one he's wearing - saan ang mas mukhang presentable.

  9. Gob ikaw na rin ang sumira sa sarili mong pangalan at tourism ng Albay at magkano naman ang ibinigay mong bonus sa chief of staff mo sa interview niya para magsinungaling, kitang kita naninenerbiyos ganyan daw talaga ang tao pag nagsisinungaling shaky. Mga balikbayan pa naman mahilig mag tour ng pinas ayan sigurado ko lahat ng Xian fans burado na ang albay sa listahan nila big time loss for your tourism.

  10. wala yan sa brand ateng... you are paid for it so you have to wear it..common sense...

  11. Sinabi ni Salceda na ilang beses na ring naging guest si Xian Lim (since 2011). At lahat daw ng guests ay binibigyan ng gifts at hindi kailangang isuot kung shirt man ito. Ibig sabihin may mga natanggap na before si Xian at wala namang nasulat o napabalitang nagkaproblema kaya malamang alam nito ang panuntunan. Hindi kaya sadyang pinasusuot sa kanya ang shirt na ibinibigay? I doubt kung ngayon lang nagbigay si Gob ng shirt? At bakit sa lahat ng artista, si Xian yata ang paborito niya at palagi itong ini-invite sa probinsya? Hmmm. 350k? Sobra-sobrang pang-facial na yan, Gob!

  12. shooting 2 birds at one time....mag entertain ka at mag promote ka ng tourism....anong klaseng ugali ang dapat i promote sa mga leader na ganyan...BULLY...(you are paid for it so follow what i want???? )Sino pa kayang artista ang pupunta sa inyo? Ano pa i promote nyo? And to think na taga Bicol ang tatay ni Xian at nagawa pa ang ganyan sa kanya. Have you heard kung ano sinabi ni GOV sa Jadine????
    Tourism on the loose................