The Voice Philippines Season 2 Results: Sympathy votes rule again

The Voice Philippines Season 2 semi-finals already next weekends, where Top 8 artists (2 each team) will compete.

So, who are those 8 artists?

On 'The Voice Philippines' episode tonight, February 14, 2015 (Valentine's Day), the Top 3 from Team Bamboo and Team Apl competed for a slot in the Top 8 semi-finals, while for tomorrow, the artists from Team Sarah Geronimo and Team Lea will take their turn.

Same voting process as last week: public voting done during commercial break only. The voters' choice and the coach's choice advance to the semifinals, while the other one is eliminated.

Who are moving forward to the next stage of the competition?

Rence Rapanot performed 'Kamusta Na', and was saved by public votes, with 44.88%.
Tanya Diaz performed 'Because Of You', and was eliminated.
Rita Martinez performed 'Paglisan', and was saved by Coach Bamboo.

Daryl Ong performed 'Rolling in the Deep', and was saved by Coach Apl.
Mackie Cao performed 'Sirena', and was eliminated.
Alisah Bonaobra performed 'Let It Go', and was saved by public votes, with 42.27%.

And the sympathy votes prevailed once again when Rence Rapanot topped the voting for Team Bamboo, and Alisah Bonaobra topped for Team Apl, even if they weren't the best in their respective teams. While Coach Apl made a smart choice of choosing Daryl over Mackie (though I would prefer Mackie over Alisah), Coach Bamboo disappointed once again after he chose to save Rita over the versatile performer Tanya Diaz. What's with Rita, that he keeps on saving her? It was so obvious that Tanya was way better than her.

Tomorrow, expect Kokoi Baldo to top Team Sarah. Deserving to top every voting, Leah Patricio on one hand might have no problem being the public choice again for Team Lea. -

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