SAF Fallen 44 viral video - confirmed real!

An actual video of the Mamasapano Clash, where 44 PNP SAF Commandos lost their lives has gone viral online. Also spreading are images from the incident, which are actually screen captures from the said video.

It has been confirmed by an official of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (PNP SAF) during the Congress hearing held today, Feb 11, at the Batasang Pambansa that the man in uniform in the viral video is indeed one of the PNP SAF Fallen 44, who died in the encounter with MILF and BIFF rebels in Mamasapano, Maguindano more than 2 weeks ago.

"I saw the video. I can confirm the identity of the man in the video. He's a SAF officer assigned in 55th Infantry Battalion," SAF commander Rey Ariño said at the hearing, as also reported on TV Patrol. Though Ariño did not reveal the name of the SAF commando in the video, TV reports however identified him as PO1 Joseph Sagonoy, the youngest among the Fallen 44.

Probably many of you have seen already the 6-minute video which started to get viral last night, and I'm sure you share the same conclusion with me that what happened in Mamasapano was absolutely not a misencounter. It was an overkill, a massacre, as the SAF officer shown in the first part of the video was already helpless, and could have survived if only the other armed man, who netizens believed as either an MILF or BFF member, didn't mercilessly shoot him in that helpless state.

The video also shows armed men picking up the weapons and other fighting equipment by slain SAF troopers.

It's so heartbreaking watching the viral video, and due to its disturbing nature, I'm not going to post screen shots nor share the video and even links of it here, also out of respect to the family of the SAF Fallen 44.

That's also what the PNP, AFP and even the Malacañang Palace are asking the netizens to do - to stop sharing and reposting the video.

It's a big mystery who uploaded the Mamasapano video on the internet (believed to have been uploaded first on Youtube), but obviously, it's just adding insult to injury. It's like they're bragging about their criminal ability, which is bothersome, and the Philippine government should make an action NOW!

Mamasapano viral video confirmed real
PNP Officer In Charge Leonardo Espina seeks justice for his fallen men (credit to PNP)

Let's continue to pray for the souls of the Fallen 44 heroes, that they may rest in peace and be one with PNP OIC Leonardo Espina that justice will be served. -

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  1. Daniel Enrique LadiorayFebruary 11, 2015 at 7:06 PM

    It truly is heartbreaking. And it only really shows the bad faith with which the MILF goes into peace talks. After all, I do not believe, even for one minute, that Marwan was in the vicinity of Mamasapano due solely to coincidence. He was there because he was receiving protection from the MILF. Why do you think the MILF was so pissed after Marwan was killed? So pissed that they resorted to extreme, inhuman violence as seen in the video. I am for peace and I pray that after this incident I implore that belief in in peace returns to me. Now, it is very hard for me to fathom how a group that maintains innocence can resort to this. Now I believe that the MILF is talking peace to bid its time, to strengthen and look for opportunities to again strike. They have been coddling the terrorist Marwan all this time even as talked peace. Now they fear a backlash and offer to return the arms of the fallen heroes to appease the Filipino people. I pray that my anger does not give in to outright hate and turn me into the beasts that they are.