X Factor USA winner 2012: For me, it's Carly Rose Sonenclar!

X Factor USA 2012 winner: Who will it be?

The X Factor USA 2012 winner will be revealed tomorrow, and for me, it's Carly Rose Sonenclar, the youngest finalist of the season.

I'm always so in awe of her performances every week, and as what mentor-judge Britney Spears said before, Carly Rose Sonenclar best defines what "X Factor" is.

On last night's finale performances, each of the Top 3 finalists performed 3 songs and I particulary loved Fifth Harmony's duet with Demi Lovato, making it as my top pick among all 9 performances.

But over-all, it's still Carly Rose Sonenclar who tops on my list to be the X Factor USA Season 2 winner, with Fifth Harmony in 2nd place.

My ranking of the X Factor 2012 Finale Performances:

1. Fifth Harmony with Demi Lovato - "Give Your Heart A Break"

2. Carly Rose Sonenclar - "Hallelujah"

3. Fith Harmony - "Let It Be"
4. Carly Rose Sonenclar - "Feeling Good"
5. Carly Rose Sonenclar with LeAann Rimes - "How Do I Live"
6. Fifth Harmony - "Anything Could Happen"
7. Tate Stevens - "Tomorrow"
8. Tate Stevens with Little Big Town - "Pontoon"
9. Tate Stevens - "Anything Goes"

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