Miss Universe 2012: Miss South Africa Melinda Bam leads post-prelims favorites

Miss Universe 2012 Favorites after the Preliminary Show include Miss South Africa Melinda Bam, Puerto Rico's Bodine Koehler, Philippines' Janine Tugonon and more.

After evaluating the candidates' performances at the Miss Universe 2012 Presentation Show (or the Preliminaries), Mykiru Isyusero releases its new list of favorites, now with a new #1 favorite and she is Miss South Africa Melinda Bam, closely followed by Miss Puerto Rico Bodine Koehler (just a 0.01 difference in their scores).

In Mykiru's previous list of favorites before the prelims, Miss South Africa was 2nd, while Miss Puerto Rico was 4th. Former #1 Miss Mexico Karina Gonzalez is now only ranked 8th.

Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon ranks 3rd this time, a big jump from her previous rank of 8th, but the biggest jump was made by Miss Paraguay Egni Eckert, who from #24 is now at #9.

The latest results of Mykiru's Fun Poll for Miss Universe 2012 were also considered in coming up with this list of favorites.

1. South Africa, Melinda Bam 9.58
2. Puerto Rico, Bodine Koehler 9.57
3. Philippines, Janine Tugonon 9.46
4. Venezuela, Irene Sofia Esser 9.42
5. Australia , Renae Ayris 9.28

6. USA, Olivia Culpo 9.17
7. Croatia, Elizabeta Burg 9.16
8. Mexico, Karina Gonzalez 9.06
9. Paraguay, Egni Eckert 9.04
10. Colombia, Daniella Álvarez Vasquez 9.03
11. Malaysia, Kimberley Leggett 9.02
12. Georgia, Tamar Shedania 8.905
13. Czech Republic, Tereza Chlebovská 8.900
14. Kosovo, Diana Avdiu 8.87
15. Brazil, Gabriela Markus 8.82
16. Ecuador, Carolina Andrea Aguirre 8.80

17. Poland, Marcelina Zawadzka 8.79
18. Finland, Sara Chafak 8.79
19. El Salvador, Ana Yancy Clavel 8.73
20. Sri Lanka, Sabrina Herft 8.72

21. Thailand, Nutpimon Farida Waller 8.69
22. Netherlands, Nathalie den Dekker 8.68
23. Aruba, Liza Helder 8.66
24. Vietnam, Diem Huong Luu 8.645
25. Spain, Andrea Huisgen 8.640
26. Jamaica, Chantal Zaky 8.635
27. New Zealand, Talia Bennett 8.630
28. Lebanon, Rina Chibany 8.60
29. France, Marie Payet 8.59
30. Japan, Ayako Hara 8.58

Bubbling Up: Indonesia, Ukraine, Russia, Bahamas, Uruguay, Tanzania, Guyana, Singapore, Guatemala, India, Korea, Argentina

Mykiru's final list of favorites for Miss Universe 2012 (already a prediction list) will be revealed on December 19, a few hours away before the finals. - Mykiru.ph

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