Miss Universe 2012 Twitter Questions for the Final Question and Answer portion

Miss Universe 2012 Question and Answer portion (Q&A): "If you were crowned Miss Universe 2012 today and the world would end after 2 days, what would you do to fulfill your duties as the new Miss Universe?"

That could be a possible question for the Miss Universe 2012 Top 5 Final Q and A portion, coming from one Twitter user.
Since last week, the Miss Universe Organization has been asking the pageant's followers on Twitter to tweet their best questions using the hashtag #AskMissUniverse and one of these questions will be picked and asked during the Miss Universe 2012 Question and Answer portion on the finals happening tomorrow at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

This "tweet a question" thing started during the Miss USA 2012 pageant and the lucky question was: "Would it be fair if a transgender woman won the Miss USA title?"

That Twitter question went to Miss Rhode Island Olivia Culpo and as we all know, she's now representing the USA in the Miss Universe 2012 pageant.

And it could happen too in Miss Universe 2012: whoever among the Top 5 finalists gets the Twitter question could also win the crown (most especially if she's able to look through the Twitter questions beforehand, as early as now.)

Browsing through the Twitter questions posted so far, I've noticed that most of them are about the supposed End of the World on December 21, 2012, just like the one above by Mel Geroleo (@melgeroleo) from the Philippines.

I've picked some of the most interesting questions so far and we'll see if one of these will be picked for the Miss Universe 2012 Final Q and A.

@AkosiJaniel: "If you're given a chance to be with someone special before the end of the world, who will it be and why?"

@iConstreictta: "How would you make a woman who survived a fire but horribly burnt her entire body believe that she is still beautiful?"

@melgeroleo: "If world will end after 2 days and you're crowned Miss Universe 2012, what would you do to fulfill your duty?"

@veejayfloresca: "My question is, how will you describe to a 7-year-old little girl the world today?"

@leighBuchanan7: "Due to English being a universal language, do you believe that Miss Universe should be able to communicate in English."

@andydblay: "If you were not born in your country, what particular country you will choose? And why?"

@melgeroleo: "They say memory is diary. If the world will end after 2 days, what memory would you like to remember before you die?

And this is the funniest of all, coming from the joke Marian Rivera account @superstarmarian: "Wat can u say dat ms.u is contest por no.2 most byutifool woman in d world bcoz d number 1 is me?"

If you want to join the fun and have your Twitter question picked for the Top 5 Q&A portion of Miss Universe 2012, just tweet your question using the hashtag #AskMissUniverse. Goodluck! - Mykiru.ph

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