Janine Tugonon - the real Miss Universe 2012 winner! See Janine Tugonon 's pics & vids during the finals!

Janine Tugonon was obviously the clear winner at the Miss Universe 2012 pageant, starting from the swimsuit competition, then evening gown round, up to the Q&A portion.

I know most of you guys still could not get over what happened earlier and still disapprove on Miss USA winning over Miss Philippines Janine Tugonon, who gave the real winning answer in the Q&A round.

It's the same feeling last year when we felt that Bb Pilipinas Universe 2011 Shamcey Supsup was robbed with the Miss Universe 2011 crown, but definitely not the same feeling when Venus Raj finished only as 4th Runner Up in 2010 because of her "Major Major" answer(we didn't object, did we?) and much more different in 1999, when Miriam Quiambao had "mental block" at the interview portion thus placing only as 1st Runner Up.

Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner Up Venus Raj, Ms. U 2011 3rd Runner Up Shamcey Supsup, Ms. Universe 2012 1st Runner Up Janine Tugonon after the coronation night. Who will be next to join these ladies and possibly be crowned Miss Universe 2013? (Photo Credits: Jory Rivera / OPMB Worldwide)

I've just realized that in recent editions of Miss Universe, the Q&A doesn't matter that much anymore. If the judges and the organizers won't like a candidate to win the title, then it will never be hers even if she gave one of the most brilliant interview responses in the pageant history.

And even if she gave an unimpressive answer, but they like her a lot, then she's gonna win. That's what happened to Miss Angola Leila Lopes last year and Miss USA Olivia Culpo this year.

But of course, to finish as 1st Runner Up is already a big achievement for Janine Tugonon, and it just shows that the judges still liked her a lot, but a 1st Runner Up placement is only the most that they can give to her.

For now, let's celebrate with Janine Tugonon's victory. It's still a merry Christmas after all for us Pinoys.

Relive that moment of Janine Tugonon's giving pride to the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2012 finals with these photos...





and also these videos...(2nd video contains Janine's "Thank You" message to her supporters.)

Photos courtesy of HO/Miss Universe Organization L.P., LLLP / Videos courtesy of TheEmeraldVideos and Jory Rivera

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