X Factor USA 2012 Results : 2 teens eliminated on Thanksgiving Day

'X Factor USA 2012 (Season 2)' eliminated 2 from its Top 10 finalists as USA celebrates 'Thanksgiving Day' today, November 22, 2012 (Nov. 23 MLA

Two (2) teens, Arin Ray, 17, and Beatrice Miller, 13, both under Britnery Spears' mentorship, got voted out tonight on X Factor USA 2012 's "Thanksgiving Day" episode, which was kinda delayed due to a National Football Leage game also aired on FOX before X Factor US.

Tate Stevens (Over 25s)
Carly Rose Sonenclar (Teens)
Vino Alan (Over 25s)
Emblem3 (Groups)
Fifth Harmony (Groups)
Diamond White (Teens)
Paige Thomas (Young Adults)
and Cece Frey (Young Adults)

Cece Frey was in the Bottom 3 with Arin Ray and Beatrice Miller, with Arin having the lowest number of votes and was the first to get the boot.

Beatrice and Cece (her 2nd time to land in the Bottom 2) had to perform again, with Beatrice eventually being voted off by 3 out of the 4 judges and Cece joining the rest in the Final 8.

After the elimination, just like in the past 2 weeks, the ranking of the remaining Top 8 finalists was revealed with a new name on top of them all.

1. Carly Rose Sonenclar (Previous Weeks Rank: #2, #2)
2. Tate Stevens (PWR: #1, #1)
3. Vino Alan (PWR: #3, #3)
4. Emblem3 (PWR: #6, #4)
5. Diamond White (PWR: #4, #7)
6. Paige Thomas (PWR: #8, #10)
7. Fifth Harmony (PWR: #5, #6)
8. CeCe Frey (PWR: #12, #5)

Vino Alan remains untouched on the 3rd spot for 3 weeks now. Paige Thomas made the biggest jump (+4), while Cece Frey suffered the biggest drop (-3).

Carly Rose is also the current leader on this blog's X Factor USA 2012 Popularity Poll. - www.mykiru.ph

Photos credit to FOX

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