Jennifer Lopez's concert 'too loud' for Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago

Jennifer Lopez failed to impress Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, who went to her concert with a 26k-worth VIP ticket. Should JLo say sorry to the feisty Philippine Senator? :-)

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago (Inquirer Photo)

JLo performs for Pinoy fans (Photo by Ginger Conejero) [VIEW: Jennifer Lopez Live in Manila Concert Photos and Videos

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago attended Jennifer Lopez's first ever Manila concert last Monday, but only to get bored and realize that it was a concert not worth-going for her.

As reported by the Philippine Daily Inquirer yesterday, Sen. Santiago said that she was not impressed with JLo's concert, which was held at the SM MOA Arena.

Here's exactly what Sen. Miriam said:

"I am strictly a high-brow girl. I like classical music, opera and ballet. I went for exposure, total
immersion. I was shocked beyond
belief at the attack the assault on my ears. It was so loud. Let me
just say I was not impressed. I have no ambition of becoming a sex kitten or assaulting people to deafness. There were so many people and
they stirred themselves into a frenzy. So, actually they were
worshipping at the foot of someone who was no longer human. She morphed into a digital idol. That was my experience last night."

It isn't surprising to hear those negative remarks from Sen. Miriam, but what's surprising is her attendance in the said concert. Why was
she there in the first place?

At 67 (born in 1945), I would assume that Sen. Miriam loves "Oldies Music" from the 50's and 60's. As what she mentioned above, she likes classical music, opera and ballet, and obviously, Jennifer
Lopez's music doesn't fall in any of those.

Perhaps, everything was planned. She went there (even if she's not a
JLo fan), then have herself interviewed after the concert and talked something really bad.

And take note, Sen. Miriam was spotted at the VIP section of the
venue, meaning she had a ticket costing P25,840. Wow! She spent that much just to watch the concert, but went home disappointed and dissatisfied.

Did she really buy a ticket? Or fellow Senator Manny Villar, whose real estate company is a major sponsor of the event, gave her a free

Whether she bought one or not, Sen. Miriam is obviously among the so-called "party poopers" at the JLo concert.

These party poopers were those "killjoy" people who according to, they have no interest or vitality to participate actively in a social party and whose mood, attitude, or personality lessens others' enjoyment.

And in the case of JLo's concert, some (or most) of those who occupied
the VIP seats can be labeled as such.

According to some of the concert-goers, Jennifer Lopez looked
disappointed during the early part of the concert, probably because some of the VIP-seated people had no party-bone in them and weren't responding to JLo, who were asking them to "get loud" and "dance" with her.

Twitter user @sheinedeanna had this interesting observation about those 'KJ' peeps:
"hope @JLo will still consider coming back 2 Manila besides
partypooper elites who acted like watching a classical

Good thing Sen. Miriam didn't watch Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' Ball in Manila last May. Or else, it could have also earned a bad review from the lady Senator. (Not unless she loves Gaga.) -

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