Lucy Liu lookalike Pokwang reacts to Lucy's alleged 'racist' comment against Filipinos

"Lucy Liu doesn't want to look like a Filipino, because she doesn't want to look like Pokwang."

That's a joke floating around social media sites in connection with Lucy Liu's comment at 'Late Show with David Letterman'.

In "Late Show with David Letterman", a 19-year-old program being aired over CBS in the US, Lucy Liu (above photo) was quoted saying that she doesn't like running outdoors because she'll get really dark and she'll start to
look a little Filipino.

The 43-year-old "Charlie's Angels" star was born and raised in the US, but her parents are of Chinese descent and are originally from Taiwan.

Lucy Liu's comment drew mixed reactions. Some Pinoys found it 'racist' while others see nothing wrong in it.

She already apologized, Inquirer has reported. "I am sorry that my
comment was taken out of context, as I would never insult another group or ethnicity."

Maybe the only flaw in her statement is that she made a reference to the "Filipinos" when in fact there are a lot of darker races out there.

So probably Lucy Liu already heard of our very own Pokwang (photo below).

Lucy possibly has seen her in pictures already that's why she was able to say that. Haha.

Pokwang, 42, has long claimed to look like Lucy Liu, especially in her shows abroad. Pokwang would joke that she has always been held in a country's immigration office for being mistaken as Lucy Liu.

On Twitter, Pokwang has already reacted on the issue, responding to radio jock Rico Robles' tweet.

Robles tweeted, "I wonder what ms @pokwang27 has to say about @Lucyliu
comment :) They lookalike yo :)"

And here's Pokwang's reply. "isang malaking DEDMA!! Hehehehehehe :)"

Obviously, Pokwang is not affected that netizens are linking her to Lucy Liu's statement.

I can already imagine Pokwang joking about this issue in her future interviews or comedy shows and she'll probably say: "I don't like pale, fair skin 'coz if I get really pale, I'll start to look a little
Chinese. I don't want to look like Lucy Liu." -

Photos from Twitter

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