Jessica Sanchez 'Glee' Season 4 Role - Cory Monteith's leading lady?

Jessica Sanchez has joined the cast of Glee Season 4 in a yet-to-be-revealed role.

It has been confirmed today (Monday night in the US) that American Idol Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez will be joining the cast of
'Glee', the hit musical series on FOX which is now on its 4th Season.

Michael Ausiello of TVLine was first to report about Jessica Sanchez on Glee online and was later confirmed by Glee creator Ryan Murphy himself on Twitter. He even hinted about what kind of episode Jessica Sanchez will be appearing on Glee
"Michael Ausiello broke news of Jessica Sanchez on Glee. With voices
like Jessica, Lea, Naya, Melissa, Amber, and Jenna...Streisand
episode?," posted Murphy via Twitter (@ MrRPMurphy).

Jessica Sanchez's role on Glee has not yet been revealed nor the number of episodes she will be appearing in the show, but with the
kind of buzz she's getting, it's most likely a big recurring role. (Bigger than Charice's role as Sunshine Corazon?)

Rumors are spreading that Jessica Sanchez's role in Glee Season 4 could possibly be as love interest to Cory Monteith's character Finn Hudson.

No reaction yet from Jessica Sanchez, but the fans, including her
Pinoy fans, are already raving about it.

Jessica, whose mother is a full-bloodied Filipino, becomes the 4th Filipino (or at least with Filipino blood) to be part of 'Glee'.

Previously, there were Kent Avenido (Season 1 & 2), Darren Criss (Season 2 to present), Charice (3 episodes, Season 2) and Tamlyn
Tomita (3 episodes, Season 3 & 4).

I think Jessica Sanchez is the first American Idol finalist to be part of the 'Glee' cast in a recurring role.

Amber Riley, who currently plays Mercedes, was an American Idol
reject, according to reports. -

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