'This Guy's In Love With U Mare!' posts best 5-day gross this 2012

'This Guy's In Love U Mare!' starring Toni Gonzaga, Luis Manzano and Phenomenal Box Office Star Vice
Ganda has earned P123.49-million during its first 5 days (October 10 to 14), Box Office Mojo's latest box-office report says.

The said 5-day gross of 'This Guy's In Love With U Mare!' is already
the best 1st 5 days gross by a Filipino film this 2012, beating last month's 'The Mistress' which had P106.27M for its first 5 days, with a P262.79M total after 5 weeks in theaters.

'This Guy's In Love With U Mare!' is a co-production between Star Cinema and Viva Films while 'The Mistress' is only under Star Cinema.

Considering Hollywood films shown in the country this 2012, the
P123.49M 5-day gross is the 3rd best, next to 'Marvel's The Avengers'
with P277.38M and 'The Amazing Spiderman' with a slightly higher

But these big-budgeted movies were superhero flicks and filled with special
effects, not like 'This Guy's In Love With U Mare' which is a comedy
film, banking primarily on the wacky triangle of its stars LuiViTon (Luis, Vice and Toni).

This is already the best 5-day gross for a movie starring Luis and Toni, and also possibly for Vice Ganda.

No available data at Box Office Mojo for Vice Ganda's movie last year ('Praybeyt Benjamin') during it's first 5 days, but its 12-day tally showed P270.46M earnings. With that, we can estimate that it had at
least P112M 5-day gross.

Now on its 2nd week, 'This Guy's In Love With U Mare!' is definitely
in the running to become the all-time highest-grossing local film ever.

Tonight, a thanskgiving / victory party will be held for the success of the movie in the box-office.

(as of Oct. 14, figures from Box Office Mojo)
1. The Mistress (Star Cinema) - P262.79M
2. UnÖfficially Yours (Star Cinema) - P157.25M
3. Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme (Spring Films dist. by Star Cinema) - P133.96M
4. This Guy's In Love With U Mare! (Star Cinema and Viva) - P123.49M
5. The Healing (Star Cinema) - P104.60M
6. The Reunion (Star Cinema) - P68.11M
7. Moron 5 and the Crying Lady (Viva) - P64.64M
8. Born To Love You (Star Cinema) - P52.02M
9. Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang (Skylight and Star Cinema) - P51.39M
10. Every Breath U Take (Star Cinema) - P50.19M
11. The Mommy Returns (Regal) - P30.61M
12. Boy Pick-Up: The Movie (GMA and Regal) - P25.38M
13. Amorosa: The Revenge (Skylight dist. by Star Cinema) - P25.20M
14. A Mother's Story (TFC dist. by Star Cinema) - P24.82M
15. My Cactus Heart (Skylight and Star Cinema) - P23.01M
16. Of All The Things (GMA and Viva) - P22.43M
17. My Kontrabida Girl (GMA) - P13.09M
18. I Do Bidoo Bidoo: Heto nApo Sila! (Unitel and Studio 5) - P12.85M
19. The Witness (GMA and Skylar) - P8.62M
20. Just One Summer (GMA) - P6.16M
21. Hitman (Viva and CM Films) - P5.76M
22. Pridyider (Regal) -
- P4.88M
23. Bwakaw (dist. by Star Cinema) - P1.55M
24. Ang Nawawala (Brainchild Studios, Cinemalaya) - P1.25M
25. Mga Mumunting Lihim (dist. by OctoArts) - P0.77M
26. Sta. Niña (dist. by Star Cinema) - P0.33M

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