X Factor USA 2012 Top 16 finalists revealed!

X Factor USA 2012's episode featuring the Top 16 announcement had a problem during its airing in the US Wednesday, October 17, 2012. (That's why the one shown over Studio 23 here in the Philippines tonight was a replay of last week's episode.)

The episode shown in the US yesterday had
interruptions and was cut off, according to Twitter users from the US who were live-tweeting the Top 16, that only 10 of the supposed Top 16 finalists were
shown. It was announced that the full episode of the Top 16 Reveal will be shown on Tuesday.

But a spoiler list of X Factor 2012 Top 16 finalists is all over the web now, as it's said to have been revealed already during the airing of X Factor USA yerterday in other countries, such as in Canada.

Browsing the list, I'm glad to see there my early faves so far: Arin Ray, Carly Rose Sonenclar and Emblem3, but I'm sad that all-male group Playback, Justin Bieber wannabe Reed Deming and the hot janitor Nick Youngerman (the one who did an awesome version of Ke$ha's "Tik Tok" during the Judges' Home audition) failed to make it to the Top 16.

16-year-old Arin Ray was part of the group inTENsity who (included a Fil-Am and) made it to last season's
Top 16 and now he made it again but as a solo contestant.

Can't believe they let go of Playback, a group of 5 cutie teens who originally auditioned as solo acts, eliminated at Bootcamp but were later called back and were formed as a group. Fans consider them as X Factor USA's answer to UK's popular group One Direction who finished 3rd in X Factor UK (Series 7).

Playback of X Factor USA Season 2: Austin Corini, Josh Metzler, Johnny Maxwell, Owen Stuart, Brandon Hassan
Playback members (L-R): Austin Corini, Josh Metzler, Johnny Maxwell, Owen Stuart and Brandon Hassan (Photo credit to their Facebook Page)

Check out below the spoiler list of the X Factor USA Season 2 Top 16.

TEENS (under Britney Spears)
Arin Ray
Beatrice Miller
Carly Rose Sonenclar
Diamond White

YOUNG ADULTS (under Demi Lovato)
CeCe Frey
Jennel Garcia
Paige Thomas
Willie Jones

OVER 25s (under LA Reid)
David Correy
Jason Brock
Tate Stevens
Vino Alan

GROUPS (under Simon Cowell)
Lyric 145
Sister C

The live Top 16 Performance Show of X Factor USA Season 2 begins this November, with new hosts Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian. - www.mykiru.ph

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