Julia Montes gets first kiss from Coco Martin in 'Walang Hanggan'

Julia Montes as Katerina and Coco Martin kissed during their wedding scene in 'Walang Hanggan' aired last night on ABS-CBN.

Did Julia Montes and Coco Martin really kiss? Or was it a fake one just like their kissing scene in the soap back during its pilot week in January?

Take a closer look at the screen caps below by Mader Bibs (Biboy Arboleda) last night and judge for yourself if Daniel and Katerina indeed kissed during their wedding in "Walang Hanggan".

Daniel and Katerina Kiss in Walang Hanggan

As you can see, they didn't have a liplock but Coco Martin's upper lip did meet Julia Montes' lower lip, and that could qualify as a kiss on
the lips.

Oh no! That just means, the 17-year-old Julia Montes just had her first kiss ever and it came from Coco Martin, who's almost twice her
age. Lucky Coco! (or Julia was luckier? Hehe) - www.mykiru.ph

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