'This Guy's In Love With U Mare' Movie trailer out!

"This Guy's In Love With U Mare" Movie's full trailer has been released, 19 days before it hits theaters on October 10, 2012.

Co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films, "This Guy's In Love With U Mare" stars Vice Ganda, Toni Gonzaga and the very lucky Luis Manzano, under the direction of Wenn Deramas.

Vice Ganda and Toni Gonzaga kissing scene in "This Guy's In Love With U Mare". (Vice looks like Sam Concepcion there, doesn't he?

"This Guy's In Love With U Mare" Movie is obviously an attempt by the two producers to surpass or follow what last year's movie "Praybeyt Benjamin" achieved in the box-office, as the all-time highest-grossing Filipino movie of all time.

It's a possibility 'coz both movies have the same director, same producers and of course, Vice Ganda, but that's quite difficult to achieve.

"Praybeyt Benjamin" had Derek Ramsay as Vice Ganda's leading man, while "This Guy's In Love With U Mare" has Luis Manzano plus Toni Gonzaga.

Derek also contributed to why "Praybeyt Benjamin" was a huge success, because a lot of moviegoers watched the movie just for him, 'coz it was kinda refreshing to see him do comedy. And during that time, he was still fresh from the box-office success of "No Other Woman", which preceded "Praybeyt Benjamin".

We shall see how this movie will do in the box-office.

For now, watch the full trailer of "This Guy's In Love With U Mare" and tell us how it appeals to you...

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