Katrina Halili gives birth to baby Katrence

Couple Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence welcomed their baby girl just today, September 18, 2012, a day after Katrina Halili's supposed due date yesterday.

Katrina Halili and Kris Lawrence named their baby as Katrence, obviously a combination of their names Katrina and Lawrence (Kris' full name is Kristofer Lawrence Cadevida).

At 10 Am today, an excited Kris Lawrence posted a tweet saying that Katrina Halili is still in labor: "@katrina_halili still in labor guys...my respect for women went up by 1000% after seeing this. Im proud of her...she's doing so well ������❤❤❤".

Then at 9:20PM (only 22 minutes ago as I blog this), Kris finally broke the good news to his Twitter followers that Katrina Halili has already given birth.

ImKrisLawrence: "Katrence is here!!!! She's the most beautiful thing ive ever seen..."

ImKrisLawrence: "When u look at ur own kid & she looks back at you...everything around you turns into a blur, stops, mutes and its just the 2 of you...wow"

ImKrisLawrence: "Im feeling emotions that i never even knew existed...thank you Lord. This is the best thing thats ever happened to me."

Congrats Katrina and Kris on your first baby! - www.mykiru.ph

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