Kate Middleton "Bottomless" Photos in Se Og Hor Magazine: Kate's newest scandal images to hit online

Kate Middleton "bottomless" images have also hit online, following those countless of "topless" photos which have leaked mid-September.

Danish magazine "Se Og Hor" has published on its latest issue newer images of Kate Middleton, which are somehow related to her photo scandal showing her sunbathing topless with husband Prince William in France.

However in the new pics, Kate Middleton is shown totally naked, while removing (or changing) her blue bikini up and down, revealing her royal assets.

And the said "bottomless" photos of Kate Middleton are already going round the internet just recently (while the month of September is about to end), as posted first on Egotastic.com and then in other websites, but probably not for long, once the Royal Family has learned about it and will make another move to prevent them from spreading further.

Prior to Se Og Hor Magazine in Denmark, Kate Middleton's scandal photos (only topless pics) were first published on Close Magazine in France, then on Chi Magazine in Italy and on Ireland's Irish Daily Star.

I really feel so sad for Kate Middleton. It's probably causing her too much stress already. And I hope no more photos of Kate (worser than what have been published) would leak online on the next days. - www.mykiru.ph

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