Sarah Geronimo on Kris TV's episode this September 19

Sarah Geronimo made a surprise appearance on Kris TV, the first time ever that Sarah appeared on Kris Aquino's show in more than a year that it's airing on TV.

Rare Moment: Sarah Geronimo and Kris Aquino

That historical moment (historical talaga lol) happened last Saturday, September 15, while Kris was taping for her show's episode featuring Janice de Belen and her kids.

Kris warmly welcomed Sarah to her show, and later said on Twitter saying she's so touched by the Popstar Princess' gesture.

krisaquino214: "Sarah G. was taping nearby & she just passed by to say HI. Sincerely touched by her gestures."

Sarah G. and Josh

Sarah at KrisTV studio

Sarah Geronimo's visit on Kris TV probably must end rumors about her and Kris Aquino that they're not okay, arising from the fact that Sarah never guested on the show while most ABS-CBN stars have already did.

She had a movie "Won't Last A Day Without You" and new show "Sarah G. Live" to promote, but no Sarah was seen on Kris TV.

So, we can now expect Sarah to be officially guesting on Kris TV in the soonest possible time when Sarah finally finds a time in her busy schedule.

Can't wait for that to happen!

Said Sarah Geronimo's surprise visit on Kris TV will be aired this Wednesday, Sep. 19. -

Photos courtesy of @jasminip

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