Wendy Tabusalla and Carlo Romero both nominated for eviction from PBB Unlimited

Beauty queen Wendy Tabusalla is facing eviction again from the Big Brother house.

It was the 7th nomination tonight on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Unlimited with Wendy Tabusalla getting the most votes (11) from her fellow housemates.

This is already Wendy's 4th time to be nominated for eviction and now
becomes the 2nd most nominated housemate of PBB Unlimited, next to evicted housemate Tol Chua, which was nominated 5 times.

Joining Wendy in the nominees list is Divine Maitland-Smith (10 pts), Joya Genzola (7 pts) and Wendy's special someone in the PBB house,
Carlo Romero (7 pts).

Divine, Joya and Carlo are all nominated for the first time.

It's too early to predict, but it's obviously Joya who's going to leave on Saturday.


*Team High Voltage*
Biggel - Divine (2 pts), Joya (1 pt)
Carlo - Wendy (2 pts), Divine (1 pt)
Divine - Wendy (2 pts), Tin (1 pt)
Eting - Divine (2 pts), Tin (1 pt)
Joya - Wendy (2 pts), Tin (1 pt)
Tin - Biggel (2 pts), Joya (1 pt)
Wendy - Divine (2 pts), Joya (1 pt)

*Team Wayuk*
Deniesse - Wendy (2 pts), Joya (1 pt)
Jessica - Joya (2 pts), Carlo (1 pt)
Kevin - Carlo (2 pts), Divine (1 pt)
Paco - Carlo (2 pts), Divine (1 pt)
Pamu - Carlo (2 pts), Joya (1 pt)
Seiichi - Wendy (2 pts), Divine (1 pt)
Slater - Biggel (2 pts), Wendy (1 pt)

Wendy - 11 pts (nominated)
Divine - 10 pts (nominated)
Carlo - 7 pts (nominated)
Joya - 7 pts (nominated)
Biggel - 4 pts (safe)
Tin - 3 pts (safe)
Eting - O pt (safe)

Since they won the weekly task, Team Wayuk members are exempted from being nominated and are all safe from eviction this week.

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