PBB Unlimited Top 14 housemates named

On PBB Unlimited's episode Monday night, January 9, the full results of the 1-day open voting conducted last weekend for the 20 remaining housemates have been revealed.

UnliDAY Housemates (Team Wayuk):
1. Paco Evangelista 24.04%
2. Jessica Connelly 13.44%
3. Seiichi Ushimi 12.18%
4. Kevin Fowler 11.28%
5. Pamu Pamorada 11.01%
6. Steph Enage 10.62%
7. Naprey Almario 8.91%
8. Unad Hernandez 6.42%
9. Ryan Janus Tomas 2.09%

UnliNIGHT Housemates (Team High Voltage):
1. Tin Patrimonio 17.98%
2. Joseph Biggel 17.62%
3. Slater Young 10.94%
4. Carlo Romero 10.59%
5. Wendy Tabusalla 9.94%
6. Divine Maitland-Smith 9.66%
7. Deniesse Joaquin 6.19%
8. Eting Busarang 5.65%
9. Jerico Redrico 5.45%
10. Joya Genzola 4.27%
11. Roy Gamboa 1.71%

The open voting was conducted from Saturday night (Jan. 7) until Sunday night (Jan. 8) to determine the housemates who will be included in the Top 14 of PBB Unlimited.

The Top 10 housemates with the highest percentage of votes from the open voting (5 from each team) will now form part of the Top 14.

As announced in the same episode, the 4 vacant slots in the Top 14 will be filled in by 2 UnliDay and 2 UnliNight housemates who got eliminated during the open voting.

I hope Divine and Eting or Jericho from Team High Voltage, and Naprey, Unad or Ryan from Team Wayuk will take those slots.

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