'Bourne Legacy' shoot at EDSA-Taft then Palawan | Another movie is filming in Manila!

'The Bourne Legacy' will have Palawan as its next location, after 3 weeks of shooting in Metro Manila.

The production team reportedly will move to El Nido, Palawan by Monday. But some reports claim that it will be on February 2.

We'll see which is the accurate date.

From what I've learned, our very own Lou Veloso will be the captain of the fishing boat which will take Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz to Palawan.

Another Filipino actor (a child actor), who plays Lou Veloso's son in the film, is also joining them on their trip to Palawan.

For now, before the shoot in Palawan, 'The Bourne Legacy' continues to film scenes in Metro Manila, this time at the busy streets of Pasay City, which started today, Jan. 27th, until the 29th.

They're spotted filming scenes somewhere Tramo, Zamora St. and at the MRT Taft Avenue station .

'Bourne Legacy' shoot at MRT Taft (Photo courtesy of Vanessa Joy @VeeJei via Twitter)

While 'The Bourne Legacy' is filming scenes in Pasay and is causing heavy traffic now at EDSA-Taft, another movie is also having a shoot in Manila at the same time as 'The Bourne Legacy'.

Not another Hollywood movie though, but the locally-produced movie "Unofficially Yours".

The movie's lead stars John Lloyd Cruz and Angel Locsin were spotted shooting a scene this afternoon at the NAIA Terminal 3, which is quite near the shoot of 'The Bourne Legacy'. (Oh di ba, bongga!)

John Lloyd and Angel at NAIA Terminal 3 (Photo courtesy of Rochelle Lim @rochellelim via Twitter)

'Unofficially Yours' is already set for February 15 opening, so probably Angel and John Lloyd were shooting already the last few scenes of their movie.

Produced by Star Cinema, 'Unofficially Yours' is directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

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