Ramgen and Janelle Video downloading still continues | Janelle Manahan guests on KrisTV

The Ramgen and Janelle Manahan private video is still available for download online despite Senator Bong Revilla's call last Monday not to copy and share the video.

The private video, which features Ramgen Bautista (RIP) and his girlfriend Janelle Manahan in the bathroom, was leaked online last Thursday and almost a week after, it still continues to spread and being shared on the internet.

In my previous blog post (Read: Ram Revilla - Janelle Manahan video leaks as 2012 nears), I wished that downloading of the Ramgen and Janelle video would
stop and copies of it will be totally removed from the web. (Though I know that it's so impossible.)

And during that time when I first blogged about it, most video uploads were no longer available and the only one working was the video upload in a "file sharing web site".

But as 2012 kicks off, it's still up for grabs on the internet.

Take for example on the social networking site Facebook. I only searched the term "Ramgen", but to my surprise, lots of links to the
video appeared on the search results, as shared by some FB users.

Same goes on Twitter and Youtube.

Last Monday, Ramgen's half-brother Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr already warned the public not to copy, reproduce, download or share the video 'coz it's a violation of the Anti-Voyeurism Law.

He has also asked the NBI to track down the person(s) who leaked the video.

It's indeed a big challenge for the NBI to trace who released the video online, especially now that it was first leaked almost a week ago and the first upload has already been deleted.

According to Janelle herself, the private video was stored in Ramgen's laptop, which is now in the possession of his boyfriend's family.

Ramgen's mom Genelyn Magsaysay already denied in an interview last Tuesday that they have the laptop in their possession 'coz it was surrendered to the police.

But in a phone interview made Wednesday morning via ABS-CBN's "Umagang Kay Ganda" Punto Por Punto segment, Genelyn contradicted her previous statement.

She confirmed that her family has the laptop, but they couldn't access it 'coz it's password-protected. "Ang laptop lang po ang nasa amin, pero naka-lock po ito," she told Umagang Kay Ganda host Anthony Taberna.

There are also rumors going on that the 1-minute video circulating online is just a part of the original video, which runs for almost 1 hour. Meaning, Ramgen's video, the full version, probably was sliced in parts and might be released in series.

May it be true or not, the NBI should double their time now so as to prevent more videos from coming out.


Moving on, Janelle Manahan will be guesting on KrisTV's episode Thursday, January 5, 2012.

Joining Janelle in tomorrow's episode is Joseph Bitangcol, who just
like Janelle, has survived a near-death experience. (Joseph figured in a car accident back in August.)

The two are both Star Circle Quest alumni. Joseph finished 9th in Season 1 while Janelle was 6th placer in Season 2.

Photos courtesy of Janelle Manahan and @CherryPineda via Twitter

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