Sarah Geronimo's solo show 'Sarah G Live!' replacing 'Gandang Gabi Vice'

Sarah Geronimo will finally have her own solo show, a weekly musical program, soon on ABS-CBN.

Entitled 'Sarah G Live', Sarah Geronimo's
show will premiere February 19, that's a Sunday, reportedly replacing 'Gandang Gabi Vice' (GGV), which is a consistent top-rating program.

That's what PEP's @scoopbox posted on Twitter last night, but there's no official confirmation yet from ABS-CBN and from Vice Ganda himself if GGV is
indeed going off-air and will be replaced by 'Sarah G Live!'.

[LATEST UPDATE: Gandang Gabi Vice will temporarily bid goodbye, and will return for its 2nd Season.]

Will this just ignite the rumored feud between Sarah Geronimo and Vice Ganda?

If you notice, Sarah never guested on Gandang Gabi Vice since it premiered last May, even if Sarah had a movie to promote, 'Won't Last A Day Without You' with Gerald Anderson.

Sarah also never promoted the movie on Vice's other show, "Showtime". But Gerald did, just him and no Sarah.

The 'silent war' between Vice Ganda and Sarah reportedly stemmed from Sarah not granting Vice's request to guest her on Gandang Gabi Vice during its first few episodes.

That probably explains why it was so easy for Vice to make fun of Sarah when couple Cristine Reyes and Rayver Cruz guested on Gandang Gabi Vice last December.

Remember that episode? The one with a Sarah G impersonator singing 'Won't Last A Day Without You' for Cristine and Sarah's ex-bf Rayver?

Sarah also hasn't guested yet on Kris TV, hosted by Vice's best friend Kris Aquino.

During the promo for 'Won't Last A Day Without You', it was only Gerald and Mr. Joey De Leon who guested on Kris' show.

What's going on Vice, Kris and Sarah?

It would still be delightful for most viewers if we have 'Sarah G Live!' and 'Gandang Gabi Vice!' back-to-back every Sunday. What yah think?

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