Jinkee Pacquiao wins photoshop war vs Charice

Jinkee Pacquiao's MEGA magazine cover has won the "photoshop" battle against Charice's cover for Preview Magazine.

Both magazine covers are out this month of January 2012 and both also created lots of buzz, after netizens noticed Jinkee and Charice as being too photoshopped in the covers.

I created a poll last Monday the moment Jinkee's cover was released, asking the voters to choose which between MEGA Magazine with Jinkee on the cover and Preview Magazine featuring Charice looks more photoshopped for them.

And according to 42.62% of the voters, Jinkee's cover for MEGA is more photoshopped while 34.43% voted for Charice's cover.

The remainders, 22.95%, still believe though that neither of the two covers are photoshopped.

Preview Magazine has already admitted on Wednesday via ABS-CBN News that "Photoshop" was indeed used for Charice's cover, but nothing too major was done to make dramatic changes for Charice's face.

MEGA Magazine on one hand has also admitted that Jinkee's cover went through the standard clean-up process just like their previous covers.

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