Janelle Manahan wants links to the 2nd video of her and Ramgen

Janelle Manahan is already aware that the 2nd video of her with late boyfriend Ramgen Bautista aka Ram Revilla has already made its debut online.

The 2nd video which shows Ramgen Bautista and Janelle Manahan inside the bedroom is 4-minute long and a concerned fan has already alerted Janelle about it.

On Twitter, she posted a message to Janelle telling her about the newly-leaked 2nd video of her and Ramgen.

Janelle replied to the fan and asked for the links to the new video. "Can I please have the link to it so I can report it? Thank you!"

She further asked what kind of scene is being shown in the 2nd video. "What kind of scene is it? But you're certain? Thank you for the information."

The fan later described to Janelle that the 2nd video shows her in bed with Ramgen.

I feel so sad for Janelle that she's going through with this super harsh situation. But a strong and driven woman, I know she can handle this with ease.

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