Mister Int'l 2010 candidates take their shirts off

The 40 candidates of Mister International 2010 pageant are lovin' the heat in Indonesia.

Back (L-R): Misters Colombia, Austri, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Mr. Denmark, Mr. Australia, Mr. Madagascar, Mr. Bolivia, Mr. Panama
Front (L-R): Misters Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Chile & Brazil

In one of their busiest days in the pageant last week, they gamely took their clothes off for an outdoor photoshoot.

They soaked under the sun and played basketball. You'll love the sight down here!

Mister Malaysia Kubendren Sewalinggam

Mister Czech Republic Jan Pochobradský

Mister Brazil Caio Lucius Ribeiro

Mister Bosnia & Herzegovina Adis Topalovic and Mr. Austria Juergen Aschauer

Mr. Bolivia Marco Antonio Rogriguez

Mr. Ukraine Petro Matsak

Mister Belgium Tuur Roels

Mister Denmark Marc Ciano Marra

Mr. Spain Luis Alberto Maicas

Mr. Namibia Barnabas Weyulu

Mister Bolivia, Mr. Chile Gustavo Garcia and Mr. Colombia Juan Pablo Mejia

These candidates were not photographed in their shirtless form, but they're definitely eye-catching in their sweaty form.

Mr. Sri Lanka Singapullige Yasitha Dilshan Perera

Mr. Philippines Raphael Carlos


Mister Guatemala Mario Gilberto Marroquin, Mister Great Britain Ryan Terry and Mister Greece Leonides Sulai meanwhile weren't playing outdoors, but definitely they knew how to sizzle indoors.

Super thanks to photobysondhiar signature for those great pictures!

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