Philippines' Krista Kleiner vs Japan's Etsuko Kanagae as Miss International 2010

November 7, 2010
(Based on Mykiru's scores and Fun Poll Results)

In a few hours, the new Miss International will be crowned in Chengdu,
China. Who will she be?

Krista Kleiner Miss Philippines International 2010Miss Japan International 2010 Etsuko Kanagae

Two Asians are being considered as the strongest candidates this year and could easily walk away with the crown. They are Miss Philippines
Krista Kleiner and Miss Japan Etsuko Kanagae, who are on top of Mykiru's final list of favorites.

And the list also says that their closest rivals for the crown are Misses Venezuela, Brazil and Czech Republic.

1. Philippines, Krista Eileen Arrieta Kleiner
2. Japan, Etsuko Kanagae
3. Venezuela, Ana Elizabeth Mosquera
4. Brazil, Lílian Lopes Pereira
5. Czech Republic, Lucie Smatanová
6. Thailand, Piyaporn Deejing
7. Costa Rica, Mariela Aparicio
8. India, Neha Hinge
9. Greece, Maria Tsagkaraki
10. Mexico, Gabriela Palacio Díaz
11. USA, Casandra Tressler
12. Singapore, Tan Yong Ying
13. Sweden, Cecilia Ragnarsson
14. Serbia, Anja Šaranović
15. United Kingdom, Katharine Brown

16. Colombia, Leydi Viviana Gómez
17. Spain, Desirée Panal
18. Canada, Katie Starke
19. Puerto Rico, Aideliz Hidalgo
20. China, Si Yi Yuan

21. Netherlands, Jorien van der Harst
22. Guam, Lalaine Mercado
23. Korea, Ko Hyeon-yeong
24. Dominican Republic, Sofinel Báez
25. Germany, Johanna Acs
26. Turkey, Dilay Korkmaz
27. Peru, Laura Spoya
28. Macau, Mandy Ye
29. Italy, Veronica Tiziana Iafelice
30. France, Florima Treiber

31. South Africa, Matapa Maila
32. Australia, Charlotte Mastin
33. Ukraine, Inna Bezobchuk
34. Belgium, Claudia Scheelen
35. Paraguay, María José Paredes
36. Finland, Susanna Turja
37. Vietnam, Chung Thục Quyên
38. Indonesia, Zukhriatul Hafizah
39. Russia, Anna Danilova
40. Bolivia, Ximena Vargas


110210: 1. Philippines 2. Japan 3. Czech Republic 4. Brazil 5. Venezuela 6. UK 7.5 Singapore 7.5 Thailand 9. Costa Rica 10. Greece 11. Puerto Rico 12. Canada 13.5 Germany 13.5 Macau 15.5 Sweden 15.5


Mykiru's Fun Poll Results: (1,821 votes)
1. Philippines
2. Guam
3. Netherlands
4. Venezuela
5. USA
6. Thailand
7. Puerto Rico
8. Japan
9. Brazil, Mexico
10. Spain
11. Australia, India, Korea, Singapore
12. Serbia
13. Canada, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia
14. Paraguay, South Africa
15. Czech Republic, Italy, Tahiti, Vietnam

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