Ejay Falcon faces naked photo scandal on his 21st birthday

It was Ejay Falcon's 21st birthday yesterday, November 21, and in the Philippines, 21st birthday is a "debut" celebration for men.

Ejay, who just came from India after shooting a movie with Robin Padilla, Mariel Rodriguez and Queenie Padilla, for sure had a special celebration yesterday.

But in time for his birthday, Ejay received a "special gift", a gift that he wouldn't want to receive...and that is the issue about a scandalous photo of him, which was reported on The Buzz yesterday.

It's actually an old photo scandal being revived by The Buzz. In fact, I already blogged about it back in May 2009, during his "Katorse" days. (Read: Ejay Falcon Photo Scandal)

Ejay Falcon shirtless, sleeping on bed

The scandal is very much like that scene above from one of his teleseryes where he's caught sleeping. He actually has some "sleeping" pictures over HERE but I've always believed that the guy in the alleged scandalous picture is not really Ejay.

But at least, Ejay was finally able to react on that for the first time. He vehemently denied that he's the one in the photo scandal.

“Matagal na po ‘yon. Pagkalabas ko ng PBB, lumabas na ‘yon. Dalawa ‘yon. May video pa na ako nakatalikod naman daw. Pero ako, alam ko sa sarili ko na hindi po ako ‘yon. Mas kakabahan ako kung mukha ko talaga ‘yong nakikita. Marami naman po akong kamukha. Hindi nila mapapatunayan na ako talaga ‘yon,” he told The Buzz.

Ejay Falcon, who's proving to be one of the hottest Kapamilya leading men, will soon be paired with Empress Schuck in a Robin Padilla-Bea Alonzon teleserye. He's also part of "Father Jejemon", an official entry in the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival.

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  1. bkt hnd ko mkta yong buong pict ni ejay me takip na pls hel me

  2. what ever the bad issue for ejay is not true because i see on the personality of ejay, he is a good person

  3. love his nipples, so suckable

  4. love his nipples, so suckable! it happens for every young guy were drunk, and be careful that someone has interest on you and taken you a photo while you are drop dead or over drunk. take a look a lot of adult video sites, there are so many young guys taken video totally unaware. they were naked. shhhhi

  5. excuse, if you are drunk or overtoxicated, you dont know whats goin on. try to visit like an adult website as i said, there are so many guys during big party, knocked out drunk and someone took him a photo then posted on xtube dot com

  6. shocking huh..i thought wholesome sya...nagkamali pala ako...

  7. ayaw ipakita ang itits nya kasi maliit raw...

  8. its not true

  9. type mo sa google boy in pixel makikita mo dun ung whole pic nya....

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