Shalani Soledad starts hosting Willing Willie | How would you rate her as host?

Now that you've seen President Noynoy Aquino's former girlfriend Shalani Soledad hosting for the first time on TV5's Willing Willie, how would you rate her as host?

Was it good? Or bad?

On Twitter, where Shalani managed to make it among the Top 10 Trending Topics, users were divided on their thoughts about her first hosting job.

Some say she's like a pre-school teacher hosting on TV while others liked her way of hosting, so refreshing they say.

Mykiru has created an opinion poll (just for fun!) about Shalani's first-time hosting on TV. How do you rate her? Vote now!

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6 Comment(s):

  1. hoping that it won't make her good image bad

  2. the way kris and her brother president tactlessly give out media interviews on his lovelife and the women in his life...I admire Councilor Soledad for keeping her dignity and showing her refinement.

  3. shalani is being by willie against aquino family!!! shalani should be aware of that!! Don't fall to willie coz she will suffer more than what she experienced in the past....

  4. It is not correct to compare Shalani's hosting with Kris because when Kris hosted a similar show called "Win na Win", she failed in the ratings and got replaced.
    (Kris may be good hosting other types of shows like the Buzz or SNN though).

    The test for Shalani is the ratings of WW.
    So I am sure she will win - whether Kris's supporters like her or not.

  5. Anyway, whoever will be the co-host of Willie, we don't care anymore! We don't like him becoz of what he did! Beware Ms. Shalani!

  6. dear ate shalani
    yan po wag lang po kaung mawalan ng pag-asa
    just pray...atska po sana ka move on na po kau...yan
    keep a good health...

    bagay po kau n kuya willie...wala nmn pong masama if mgng kau ehh bsta po faithful lng si kuya willie ...hehehe