Mr. Brazil Marlon de Gregori, Mykiru's top choice for Manhunt International 2010

It's Manhunt International 2010 Finals tonight in Taichung, Taiwan
with exactly 50 gorgeous men competing for the title.

A good number of contestants are really deserving to win Manhunt International 2010 and for Mykiru Isyusero's list of favorites, Mr. Brazil Marlon De Gregori is the #1 favorite to win the title.

Marlon, 24, is a sought-after fashion model in Brazil. He is most often described in his country as the Brazilian Jake Gyllenhaal.

Aside from Brazil, other top favorites to win are Misters Gibraltar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cuba and Greece.

Here's Mykiru's Hot 16 Favorites for Manhunt International 2010:

[Swimwear photos courtesy of ERM Marketing Sdn. Bhd]

1. Brazil, Marlon de Gregori

2. Gibraltar, Bogdan Brasoveanu

3. Bosnia & Herzegovina, Voljen Gubeljic

4. Cuba, Yoan Gonzalez

5. Greece, Apostolos Ntokos
6. USA, Daniel Guerra
7. Slovak, Republic Peter Meňky
8. Singapore, Jovin Koh
9. Turkey, Yahya Demir
10. Spain, Antonio Million
11. Hawaii, Kash Kiefer
12. Lebanon, Mrad Mouawad
13. Belgium, Bram Demeyere
14. Panama, Enrique Lukowsky
15. Taiwan, Jerry Chaung
16. India, Ahran Chaudhary (Mr. Internet Popularity Fast-Track Winner)

17. Australia, Stephen Musca
18. Indonesia, Obert Sharon Christian
19. Colombia, Juan Felipe Quiroz Vaargas
20. South Africa, Jacques Fagan

21. Puerto Rico, Joel Rod
22. Venezuela, Henry Bolivar
23. Denmark, Kristian Greiff
24. Canada, Dax Gramuglia
25. China, Wang Zichao

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