Over 50 candidates compete for the Manhunt International 2010 title

More than 50 candidates are competing in Taiwan for the Manhunt International 2010 title.

The contestants have started to arrive on Tuesday, November 9, and yesterday, some of them already had their swimswear photo shoot.

The pageant will run for 10 days and the finals is happening on November 20 in Taiuching City, Taiwan where a new Manhunt International will be elected, succeeding Manhunt International 2008 Abdelmoumen El Maghraouy from Morocco.

Here's the list of this year's candidates:

Mr. Indonesia Obert Sharon Christian

Australia, Stephen Musca
Belgium, Bram Demeyere
Bolivia, Sergio Bascope
Bosnia & Herzegovina, Voljen Gubeljic
Brazil, Marlon de Gregori
Canada, Dax Gramuglia
China, Wang Zichao
Colombia, Juan Felipe Quiroz Vargas
Costa Rica, Juan Pablo Brenes
Cuba, Yoan Gonzalez
Czech Republic, Jan Hájek
Denmark, Kristian Greiff
England, Vaughan Bailey
Germany, Marco Beer
Gibraltar, Bogdan Brasoveanu
Greece, Apostolos Ntokos
Hawaii, Kash Kiefer
Hong Kong, Zhang Zhaoyu
India, Ahran Chaudhary
Indonesia, Obert Sharon Christian
Iran, Mohammad Mehdi Rokni
Japan, Yudai Kawano
Korea, Park Hyun Woo
Latvia, Janis Verners
Lebanon, Mrad Mouawad
Macau, Xie PengJu
Malaysia, Tim Ang Sau Fong
Malta, Tyrone Laudi
Mexico, Hugo Rodriguez Rubio
Mongolia, Dulguun Gantumur
Nepal, Kanij Koirala
Netherlands, Joshua Krishnadath
New Zealand, Kristian Bray
Nicaragua, William Rodriguez
Pakistan, Muhammad Abrar Khan
Panama, Enrique Lukowsky
Philippines, Carlo Morris Galang
Poland, Mariusz Dobosz
Puerto Rico, Joel Rod
Serbia, Milovan Durovic
Singapore, Jovin Koh
Slovak, Republic Peter Meňky
South Africa, Jacques Fagan
Spain, Antonio Million
Sri Lanka, Leen Alexander
Sweden, Calle Eriksson
Taiwan, Jerry Chaung
Tanzania, Mario Mohammed Mpingirwa
Thailand, Nathakorm Srivichai
Turkey, Yahya Demir
USA, Daniel Guerra
Venezuela, Henry Bolivar
Vietnam, Hoàng Gia Ngọc

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