Apology of Korean actress Lee Da Hae unacceptable to some Filipinos

Famous Korean actress Lee Da Hae (My Girl, Green Rose, East of Eden) has already apologized for allegedly insulting Filipino teachers.

Aussie-raised Lee Da Hae posted her apology on Twitter yesterday. (Read it HERE.) And according to her, she never mentioned the Filipinos or the Philippines during her interview, and it never crossed her mind to insult the Filipino teachers.

She made the apology after she was slammed by some angry Pinoy fans who were able to watch a video of her on Youtube. In the said video, Lee Da Hae was a guest on the Korean TV show "Sweet Night" and was asked to mimick English accents of various races. Watch the video below:

Lee Da Hae, who's popularly known to the Filipinos as Jasmine of "My Girl, said in her apology that she did not mention Filipinos or the Philippines when she did the "mimick" part, but the guy with her in the video clearly said, "How about the Philippines?".

Yes, she really did not mention Philippines but it seemed that she was referring to the Philippines. That's why her apology is still unacceptable to some Filipinos.

Lee Da Hae may have offended the Filipinos, but the fact still remains that a lot of Koreans are living in the Philippines and hire Filipino tutors just to teach them English. That just means, most Koreans (that includes Ryan Bang) still believe that Philippines is superior when it comes to the English language.

Video courtesy of koreanfan14

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  1. Don't save you're self for the scandal you have been made. You have to think first what you are going to say in your interview. You embarrassed Filipino people.

    You are stupid to say that you love filipino people. But you betrayed filipino people. Of course American and British accent are excellent because English is their mother language. Are you and korean people aware of that?
    You made filipino as a laughing stuff during your interview.Korean people are more laughable and idiot than filipino.

  2. And the funny thing about this is that Lee Da Hae deleted her Twitter account maybe due to the mounting insults and criticisms she's been getting... And that means one thing... she's admitting her guilt that she 'consciously, intentionally and knowingly' made fun of Filipino English teachers when that dude provokingly asked her to mimic Filipinos speaking the English language.

  3. Lee da hae is one of the ONLY FEW korean who can speak english thats why i think she's "mayabang"..anyways I dont like her especially her fake plastic face :))


  5. http://twitter.com/#!/cherry4eva84
    just read her apology.. lame! she tries denying it, but the host clearly asked her, "How about Philippines"! does she really think we're that stupid not to hear our own countrys' name? na-uh!

  6. she doesnt sound like a filipino(when speaking english) she sounded like a "C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ E " What ever the fact still remains that SHES FUCKING LUNATIC BITCH FRO HELL SPEAKING EANGLISH

  7. Lee Da Hae, you wanted to show that world that you are good, but you just showed the opposite. Trampling on the feelings of someone or a race regardless of whether it is big or not will not in any way make you great. You wanted to make the Filipinos a laughing stock but your mistake of doing so made you one. I pity your folks who surely know the value of respect much more than you do. You can amuse people without necessarily looking down on anyone. You should know the value of education. It's not all about pronunciation or being smart. It's all about being wise so you won't have to look up to anyone and wise enough not to look down on anyone. A kindergarten student in our country fully knows this. We know how to respect people. Thank you. This is Stan, a teacher (09228183555)

  8. I think that Garlic-Eater woman must apologize publicly.

  9. the Philippine language isnt really superior. Our way of teaching English to these foreigners are way cheapest above all other else kaya andtio sila sa bansa natin. They know na malaki ititipid nila kasi magaling na tayo, mura pa yung charge. If you try to observe it, rich korean kids would rather go to Australia for English education. Pero the poor yet smart koreans go to the Philippines kasi they know they will learn the same english as that of their fellow koreans in aussie yet they pay less. Alam na! :)

  10. forgive the korean girl. i know for a fact that we speak good english compared to most koreans so don't waste an ounce of energy about this issue. we know we speak much better english than them.