Pacquiao vs Margarito Fight Results: Pacquiao wins by unanimous decision

Philippines' Manny Pacquiao has just claimed his 8th world division
title when he won over Mexico's Antonio Margarito Saturday night
(Sunday morning in Manila).

A huge crowd, mostly pro-Manny, filled the Cowboys Stadium in Texas, USA to witness Pacquiao and Margarito fight for the WBC Super Welterweight title.

The fight was actually boring for me because Pacquiao was in complete control of the fight, just like his previous 3 fights before this, and that made it less exciting.

Manny transformed into a beast, wild and roaring, as he threw solid punches at Margarito, while the latter also had the opp to throw some clean shots, but they're no match to Manny's power punches.

As a result, Margarito's face was like a rotten, creepy face in a horror film. I could hardly make a second look!

It should have been a technical knockout, that's why a lot of people were wondering why the fight wasn't stopped during the 10th or 11th round.

As early as the 4th round, Margarito's face was already damaged. He's already weak by Round 7 and could be knocked down at any time. But he didn't give up and kept on saying that he was okay.

The fight continued until the 12th round and Manny was declared winner by unanimous decision.

He truly is "The Mexicutioner" because Margarito was the 9th Mexican already that Manny has beaten on the ring.

Here's btw the undercard results:

MIKE JONES (Philadelphia, USA) won by majority decision over JESUS SOTO-KARASS (Los Angeles, Calif., USA)

GUILLERMO RIGONDEAUX (Miami, USA) won by split decision over RICARDO CORDOBA (Panama)

BRANDON RIOS (California, USA) won by 5th Round TKO over OMRI LOWTHER (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

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