Guys kissing in Big Brother Finland

It seems like a very normal thing in Big Brother Finland to kiss, even if the two housemates are both male.

PBB Double Up housemate Cathy Remperas saw it herself while having a sauna bath with the Finnish housemates and they were playing a truth or dare game.

Housemate Sampo was dared to kiss Aso and they gamely kissed in front of Cathy, much to her surprise.

Even before that happened, Aso has already been spotted kissing with another male housemate named Toni.

Probably kissing has been their favorite pasttime.

Katlin, who is in PBB Double Up, even shared to the Filipino housemates that in Big Brother Finland, the housemates kiss a lot.

In fact, Katlin and Aso also had one kissing moment in Big Brother Finland.

And also not a surprise that Katlin just recently had her first kiss with a Filipino housemate (Hermes Bautista):


There's another shocking thing that happened in Big Brother Finland other than those kissing stuff and the "under the blanket" incidents. One male housemate helped another male housemate in [you know] doing something. You can watch that video HERE.

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