Manny Pacquiao - Krista Ranillo scandal (round by round)

Just like in boxing, the Manny Pacquiao-Krista Ranillo scandal is heating up round by round.

Mykiru gives you a round-by-round update of the controversy involving Pacman and Krista.

1st Round: Manny Pacquiao and Krista Ranillo star in the MMFF 2009 entry "Wapakman".

Krista is not the only leading lady there. Manny also has Rufa Mae Quinto and Bianca King.

If you can remember, Rufa Mae's house in the US was also rumored as Manny's gift to her.

But the rumor did not take so long until Krista is now being linked to Manny because of the extra closeness they had while shooting the movie.

2nd Round: Manny and Krista give relief goods for Ondoy victims

That was in October when Manny Pacquiao was seen giving relief goods for the victims of Ondoy somewhere in Angono, Rizal.

Many initially thought it was just a publicity stunt for their upcoming film.

3rd Round:: Manny trains in Baguio for his fight with Miguel Cotto

People in Baguio were so delighted to see Manny Pacquiao do some training for his boxing match with Miguel Cotto of Puerto Rico. But they were allegedly surprised to see Krista Ranillo during Manny's training.

It was first believed to be a rumor because no pictures have been shown yet to support it.

4th Round: Manny caught in video with a mystery woman

Early November, Manny was already in the US in preparation for his November 14 fight.

He guested on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he even performed a song there.

Right after the show, a mystery woman was seen with Manny inside his car.

A video of it was posted on Youtube a few hours after his guesting. You watch:

It's definitely not Manny's wife Jinkee because she was still in the Philippines when it happened.

And if it was Jinkee, why did she have to hide her face from the people?

And many believe that the mystery girl was Krista Ranillo, who was also in the US during that time.

"Sometimes When We Touch" is the title of the song that Manny sang at Jimmy Kimmel's show. Sounds cheesy!

5th Round: Gina Alajar posted on her Facebook: "If I am Jinkee Pacquiao I will not give up Manny… Krista Ranillo is not at all worth it!”

It's as if confirming that Manny and Krista have indeed a relationship.

Krista was also rumored as the third party in Gina Alajar-Michael De Mesa breakup.

6th Round: Krista's manager says Manny and Krista are close friends.

Arnold Vegafria, manager of Krista Ranillo, said in an interview that Manny and Krista are just close friends and nothing more than that.

He also confirmed that Krista was also in Las Vegas to watch Manny Pacquiao's fight.

7th Round: Jinkee Pacquiao cries during thanksgiving mass for Manny

It was kinda obvious in the video reports shown on TV that there was a serious marital problem between Manny and Jinkee.

Jinkee was seen crying during the homily at Manny's thanksgiving mass for his victory against Cotto.

Many speculated that the reason was Krista.

8th Round: Jinkee's family now mad at Pacman

If the rumor is not true, Jinkee's family in Sarangani will not get mad at Manny. They even said that the issue will affect Pacman's candidacy as congressman in Sarangani in 2010.

9th Round: Photos of Manny and Krista in Baguio, hot items on Facebook

This just confirms the "3rd Round" rumor that Krista was indeed with Manny during his training in Baguio.

When asked to react on this issue, Krista said she will give her side only if Manny has already aired his reaction on the issue.

What's next?

I'm so excited with what's gonna happen on the next rounds. Shall we expect a knockout?


Manny is not at all new to this kind of controversy.

In the past, he was romantically linked to sexy actress Ara Mina.

And there were also photos of Manny seen with unidentified girls at the Embassy Bar.

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