Aso of Big Brother Finland wants Cathy to be his girlfriend


One housemate of Big Brother Finland has opened up his admiration for the Filipina housemate who entered the house for the Big Swap.

Aso, the 24-year-old Iranian-Finnish housemate, finds Cathy of PBB Double Up pretty and cute and expressed that he wants to communicate with her when she comes back to the Philippines and probably have her as his girlfriend.

He however confessed to Big Brother (Finland) that he feels shy of his name upon learning from Cathy that in Tagalog (Filipino) language, "aso" means "dog".

Cathy, on one hand, has revealed to Big Brother (Finland) that she also finds Aso interesting.

Will Cathy open her door for Aso? Exciting...

But Cathy herself was shocked to see in one instance that Aso and another male housemate named Sampo exchanged kisses.

She later learned that Sampo is a bisexual guy.

[In Tagalog, "sampo" sounds like a number 10.]


Meanwhile, Cathy just had her first shower inside the Big Brother house in Finland and she wasn't nude of course.

And guess what she was wearing? A T-shirt and panties.

Soon, you'll find that video on the net, just like Bruce Quebral's shower scene in Big Brother Slovenia during the previous season.

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