Team Jinkee Pacquiao vs Team Krista Ranillo

As the heat intensifies for Manny Pacquiao's legal wife Jinkee versus the alleged other woman Krista Ranillo, more and more spoof posters are being posted on the social networking site Facebook about the most controversial family today.

Here are some of them:

Aside from that, there's already this Facebook page dedicated solely to warring fans of Jinkee and Krista. You can join them HERE if you like.

And surprisingly, there's a new blog entitled "The PACMAN Digest" with the url , obviously dedicated just for Manny and Krista.


Meanwhile, Mocha Uson defended her side regarding the kissing photos of her and Krista which she posted on her blog three days ago. On her latest blog entry, she stressed that the photos she posted were already published on Maxim's April 2009 issue and she justed reposted them in favor of those who have been requesting for her kissing video with Krista since last Summer.

Mocha also has words for the press people who have accused her of riding on the hot Pacquiao-Ranillo controversy.

"It’s like this – if you see something wrong, something you don’t like, you would react right? And I am entitled to my own opinion like everyone else. I can say anything I want because this is my blog, my online diary. I am a very vocal person. I speak my mind and I’m here to live out loud," Mocha said. "I react to anything that catches my attention, positive or negative, and I will speak according to what I believe in."

"Our problem as Filipinos is that we see something wrong in the system and yet we keep quiet. That’s why our country’s like this. There’s nothing worse than doing nothing, saying nothing and being nothing. So I made this blog to freely speak my mind without censorship, and express my opinions and perspectives on life," she continued.

And Mocha talked again about her being a liberated woman, "Honestly, I am a very liberated person. I love s3x. I am very adventurous. I like girls, I like guys and threesomes. I’m into all kinds of role-playing, BSDM and orgy. Some still remain a fantasy but I’ve I’ve done most of them already. Call me the worst words, call me anything you want. But I am absolutely NOT A HOME WRECKER."

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