Krista Ranillo - Mocha Uson kiss scandal

Sexy actress Krista Ranillo, the alleged other woman of Manny Pacquiao, is again a major subject of another scandal, but this time in a lesbian photo scandal.

Photos of Krista Ranillo and sexy singer-actress Mocha Uson, who is a self-confessed bisexual, are all over the net now just hours after Mocha herself posted those pics in her own blog (

Yes, it's Mocha who started this lesbian scandal of herself and Krista. And why is she doing this for Krista?

Is it made to divert people's attention from the Manny Pacquiao-Krista Ranillo controversy?

In the said photos, Krista is seen kissing Mocha. Take note: It was not just a simple kiss. It's visibly an intimate kissing action between the two.

There are a bunch of photos there, including close-up shots.

Mocha shared it happened sometime in April at the Maxim's office in ABS-CBN, when she was the cover girl of Maxim Magazine. (Krista is a Maxim columnist.)

The said photos are actually screenshots from the actual kissing video of her and Krista. But Mocha has no plan of showing it to all.

Mocha posted the pics in response to the controversy between Manny and Krista.

According to her, smart women don’t mess around with married men.

She did not tell her readers if she believes the rumors, but she, however, believes that the Pacquiao-Ranillo controversy is made to bring down Manny since he is running for a congressional post in 2010 Elections.

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