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It's kinda obvious who's the better-looking and who has the better body of the two, but who's gonna be the better fighter?

The Firepower: Pacquiao vs Cotto boxing event will start by 8:15 PM tonight, November 14, 2009 in MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. (That's around 12:30 PM Sunday, November 15, 2009 in Manila).


The fight results between Philippines' Manny Pacquiao and Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto will have a strong effect on Pacquiao's new-superstar mom.

If Pacquiao wins, it will bring in more riches for Mommy Dionisia, but it will have worse effect on her attitude.

But if he loses, maybe Mommy Dionisia will get to lower herself a bit to the ground.

In just less than an hour, we shall know the better fighter of the two.


Weigh-in: Pacquiao weighed 144 lbs while Cotto weighed 145 lbs.


Undercard Fight Results:

Julio Caesar Chavez Jr. of Mexico wins over Troy Rowland from the USA
Yuri Foreman from Israel wins over Daniel Santos from Puerto Rico via unanimous decision
Alfonso Gomez wins over Jesus Soto Karass, both from Mexico, via unanimous decision
Rodrigo Garcia of the USA wins over Martin Vierra also from USA via unanimous decision
Eden Sonsona of the Philippines wins over Eilon Kedem from Israel via a 2nd Round TKO
Matt Korobov from Russia wins over James Winchester of the USA via unanimous decision
Richie Mepranum of the Philippines wins over Ernie Marquez of the USA via split decision
Abner Cotto of Puerto Rico wins over Lupe Guzman of the USA via unanimous decision


The Main Event:

The Pacquiao-Cotto fight is about to start.

Big time celebrities were shown on screen. I've got to notice Mark Wahlberg, Magic Johnson, Mickey Rourke, etc.

Singing "Lupang Hinirang", the Philippine National Anthem, is the trio La Diva, composed of Aicelle Santos (in yellow), Jonalyn Viray (in red) and Maricris Garcia (in blue).

Puerto Rican national anthem is next, then the national anthem of the USA follows.

"Let's get ready to ruuuummmble!!!!!"

Manny Pacquiao looked so confident and relaxed while Miguel Cotto was a bit nervous, but very determined.

Puerto Rican fans cheered loudly for Cotto.

Cotto started the fight strongly, owning Round 1.

But Pacquiao doesn't give up easily. He won the 2nd Round by a small margin.

On Round 3, Pacquiao knocked down Cotto, but the latter recovered.

Round 4 is again in favor of Pacquiao. He's way too fast for Cotto.

Start of Round 5...

Oh no, Cotto recovered his strength. Pacquiao might be in danger. The Puerto Rican boxer won that round.

But in Round 6, Pacquiao was in full control. Thanks to his great speed and strength!

It continued until Round 7, wherein Cotto was obviously hurtin' of Pacquiao's power punches.

During Round 8, Cotto showed great strength by throwing some punches for Pacquiao, but it didn't have great effect on Pacman. The Filipino boxer owned this round.

Cotto slowed down in Round 9. Pacquiao won the 9th round on a big distance. Oh no, are we expecting a knockout again?

Round 10 has started...

No knockout yet!

But Cotto's goodlooking face is now damaged. Nose bleeding...eyes are bulging.... The monitor showed his wife and son crying and eventually walked out the venue.

Round 10 belonged to Manny.

Cotto is trying to survive the fight. Yes, he survived 11th Round, but he lost that round to Pacman.

The 12th and final round...

I still salute Cotto for reaching this far. Will he survive this round? He didn't want to be knocked down but the referee (Kenny Bayless) has decided to stop the game with 2 minutes left.

Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao was declared winner via a 12th Round TKO.

Congrats Manny and to the whole Philippines!

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News

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