Grady Sizemore racy iPhone photos leaked online


American baseball player Grady Sizemore (of the Cleveland Indians) is a hot search on the internet lately because of his racy pictures which have been leaked online.

The said pictures which he took himself using his iPhone were supposedly sent (probably a birthday present) just for his ex-girlfriend named Brittany Binger, who happens to be a Playboy Playmate.

There are around 20 solo iPhone pictures of Sizemore available online and most of them were taken inside a bathroom.

Sizemore is fully dressed up in some photos, but he's also fully naked in other photos.

One photo shows Sizemore totally undressed and his private part is only covered with a tea mug.

In other photos, Sizemore is seen holding his "thing".

Sizemore camp believes that the controversial pictures were stolen from his girlfriend's email account and is planning to take legal action against the web site who leaked the photos.

Sample shot:

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